Farmer Wants A Wife contestant sparks controversy on group date: 'Annoying'

Fans loved Brenton and Sophie's chemistry.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Brenton may have found his chosen lady after only two episodes, with the Victorian farmer choosing Sophie for a 24-hour date before even meeting the other hopefuls.

Sophie arrived in Darriman for a full day of activities, meaning she had a huge head start on the others.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Brenton
Farmer Wants A Wife's Brenton may have found his chosen lady in episode two. Photo: Seven

Brenton even shared with Sophie that he'd planned on choosing her for the date before he'd even met her, revealing that he liked her from her application.

"When they showed me the applications, they were like ‘Here’s Sophie’ with a photo and all that," he explained. (The producers asked), 'What do you think of Sophie?' I was like 'Yep!' and you were the first girl to come up on the application."


Sophie thanked him for choosing her out of the five women, with the farmer admitting, "I was always going to pick you for the 24-hour date."

"Were you?" a surprised Sophie responded.

"Yes," he said, adding as soon as he saw the application, he knew he would choose her. "I thought, 'I'll take Soph'."

"That’s surely a good sign," she said, with the pair sharing a kiss.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Sophie
Sophie was very excited to be chosen for the 24-hour date, revealing could fall in love with Brenton. Photo: Seven
Brenton and Sophie from Farmer Wants A Wife
The pair got along swimmingly and fans loved their chemistry. Photo: Seven

Sophie later told the cameras, "I feel like I could be falling in love with Brenton."

Brenton surprisingly also admitted, "I’ve got the feels, that’s it. Done and dusted."

During their romantic evening date, Brenton decorated a barn with candles, lights and rugs, as they enjoyed homemade pizza, with the farmer telling her, "I've got a lot of love to give."

Sophie told producers, "I already feel like I’m liking him a lot, which is kind of scary for me. He ticks all my boxes... it seems like we both want the same thing."

However, when the rest of the women arrived the next day, things quickly became awkward among the contestants.

When the women arrived at the farm, it was Sophie who greeted them, not Brenton.

"You're doing the welcome," he told her, with the women asking, "I'm sorry, what?"

"It’s your house now apparently Sophie," he quipped.

Farmer Wants a Wife's contestants
The other hopefuls found Sophie's relationship with Brenton to be 'annoying'. Photo: Seven

Frankie, one of the women vying for Brenton's heart, told the cameras, "When we pulled up, we did see Sophie and Brenton looking quite comfortable. Sophie looked quite pleased with herself so yeah - interesting start to our arrival.

Things continued to get worse with Sophie trying to keep close to Brenton as he took the women around the property.

Frankie, another contestant, raised her concerns, telling the cameras that she felt Sophie's extra time with Brenton put a damper on things.

"It is a little bit annoying because it does put all of us girls on the back foot," she said. "There's a little bit of catching up to do on our part."

Fans seemed to love the chemistry between Brenton and Sophie, however, with one user tweeting, "Done! These two are perfect."

"I love these two!" another added.

"They are perfect together," a third said.

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