Farmer Wants A Wife star collapses after being rejected: 'Devastated'

Lorelei was left heartbroken after Farmer David chose someone else.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Lorelei Bates surprised fans on Sunday night when she collapsed after being told she wasn't the one for David McMahon.

During the finale, Lorelei was hoping she would be walking away with Farmer David, only to be told that while she was "incredible", he had "fallen heavily for someone else".

Farmer Wants A Wife's Lorelei collapses
Farmer Wants A Wife's Lorelei surprised fans on Sunday night when she collapsed after being rejected by Farmer David. Photo: Seven

"I came here to find love and pave a future on the farm and it breaks my heart to have to tell you… I've fallen so heavily for someone else," he told her.

Lorelai was clearly unwell after hearing the news, leaning into David, whispering, "Ah, sorry. I really don't feel well."


The reality star soon collapsed as David tried to hold her up, instructing a producer to bring him a nearby wooden box for her to sit on.

He held Lorelei and comforted her, telling her to breathe as she sipped water, and he apologised profusely for letting her down.

Farmer Want's A Wife's David and Lorelei
David held Lorelei and apologised for choosing someone else. Photo: Seven

"You're here to find love and that's all I wanted for you," she told him.

Lorelei later told the cameras she had hoped she would be the one for David.

"I really thought I had a chance. And for a minute there I thought he was gonna say that he was falling for me," she said.

"And I just don't really understand what's happened."

David told the producers: "I'm pretty devastated thinking about how this is gonna feel to Lorelei. I didn't come here to break hearts, I came here to create a future and I think that I've fallen in love and it's a pretty amazing feeling."

He later picked Emily, who told cameras she didn't think she'd "be able to breathe" if it wasn't her left at the end.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Emily
David later chose Emily, who was ecstatic. Photo: Seven

"Lorelei had a normal reaction to losing the love of her life," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"I really feel for Lorelei," another said.


"Poor Lorelei! I feel mad at David for leading her on even though I know that’s the whole point of the show," a third wrote.

"Wow, David just built up Lorelei only to pull out the rug. No wonder she fainted," someone else added.

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