Farmer Wants A Wife fans slam shock farmer swap: 'I'm not watching'

Plus, Farmer Joe spills all on what he was thinking at the time.

Farmer Wants A Wife fans were left stunned on Sunday night when one girl who hadn't made it to Farmer Bert Harris' farm decided to return to the show and shoot her shot with a different farmer. No one was likely more stunned than Farmer Joe Bobbin when Olivia returned to the show to try her luck with him.

"It has never ever happened before on Farmer Wants a Wife," host Samantha Armytage told the group.

Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Joe with Olivia
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have slammed one lady's shock 'farmer swap', and Farmer Joe reveals his thoughts on it. Photo: Seven

"I don't want to be overly confident, but I'm feeling pretty good," Olivia tells the cameras.

As she stands in front of the group, footage of her plays from the first day when she laid eyes on Joe.

"Can we swap?" she asks in the clip when she sees Joe walk in for the first time, and now she is doing just that.


Viewers were left unimpressed by the situation, with many comparing it to Married At First Sight. One fan wrote, "This FWAW is awful!!! I’m not watching. F off MAFS."

"What is this mess?" another asked, while a third added, "FFS MAFS again!"

"She is so childish 🙄 and this was absolutely ridiculous!" someone else added.

Farmer Joe and his ladies on Farmer Wants A Wife
Farmer Joe didn't look too excited when he found out Olivia was coming back for him. Photo: Seven

"Omg, she chose Bert originally! She doesn't deserve to have another chance with a different farmer 😮 ridiculous!!" another said.

"Please don’t become like MAFS….. don’t need all this extra drama," another begged.

Joe would go on to send Olivia home, deciding he wanted to continue getting to know the girls he had already chosen to join him at his farm.


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Farmer Joe shared that he was "really confused" as to why Olivia would decide to return to the show for him.

"I just had some mixed emotions," he says. "Obviously I was quite flattered that someone would like to come and be there, but I was also a bit confused as to, you know, why?"

"We'd never met really, we'd seen each other, you know to be fair, I was focused on my ladies, so I didn't even know who she was, unfortunately."

Farmer Joe with his ladies on Farmer Wants a Wife
In the end, Farmer Joe chose to send Olivia home and stuck with his original four ladies. Photo: Seven

He adds, "I guess I was really confused as to why you changed your mind and want to go for someone after not really meeting them. You had all the time leading up to that, you could have applied for me from the start, so I was quite confused by that, I was a bit conflicted by that."

However, he adds that he wanted to give Olivia a chance and see if there was something there between them.


"I mean, it was a pretty massive thing for her to do that, and that wasn't lost on me, she put herself right out there – not once, but twice," he says. "Everyone's there to try and find love and try and find their own way, so there's no way I would have just been like, 'Nah, I'm not interested at all.' I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and see where she was coming from and really try and find out what I could in that amount of time."

"And I'd made stronger connections with other people I felt like it would have been really unfair on them. And they were there from the start, and they committed to wanting to meet me. They didn't choose someone else and then come to me, so you know, I had to respect that."

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