Farmer Wants A Wife Exclusive: Ex-producer reveals why the show 'won't survive'

"I fear the show won’t survive another series like the last."

Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 farmers
A Farmer Wants A Wife producer has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle the 'real problem' with the show. Photo: Seven

Fans of Farmer Wants A Wife have spent much of this year's season slamming the producers and complaining about the change in the show in the last two years, with many believing it to be veering into Married At First Sight territory at times.

"I think the new producer is trying to make the show like MAFS," one Facebook user wrote last month. "They can edit it any way they want and make both the men and women out to be something they aren't. All the kissing, etc, this year and the sexual innuendos are more like MAFS than in previous seasons.


"This has really ruined the show. I, for one, won't continue to watch it next year if it starts out like this year. In the past, the men and women were more natural, and that was what was great about the show."

Now, a former producer has shared their thoughts on the new season, slamming the show after a number of farmers left the show without a partner.

Final ladies on Farmer Wants A Wife
The former producer says they used to actually care about finding the farmers a wife. Photo: Seven

"Farmer Wants a Wife was widely popular because it was less dramatic and I know for a fact we used to be more focused on finding these farmers an actual wife," the producer tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I fear the algorithm is going to be out wack with attracting the right sort of woman who have most likely been turned off the idea of applying," they add.

The show has been running for 13 seasons, and casting is already underway for a 14th season, with Samantha Armytage back in the hosting role.

"We know that these reality-shows have a way of mimicking trends. MAFS is a spiral of attracting influencers and that is a real problem for their longevity," the ex-producer says. "I think the show should have stayed in its lane and avoided casting women that are there for the wrong reasons. Other shows are already doing that in-fighting and conflict."

With the new batch of farmers already lined up, it will be interesting to see how producers cast their potential wives.


"Here is hoping they go for genuine love stories this time around," the producer says. "As I fear the show won’t survive another series like the last."

"Let’s hope they haven’t broken the show."

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