Farmer Wants A Wife star hints at secret 'love story' fans didn't see: 'Forbidden love'

"The love story that they didn’t want you to know about."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Joe Bobbin, Bert Harris and Tom Boyer
Farmer Wants A Wife's Joe Bobbin has joked that there was a secret love story that fans didn't get to see. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife's Joe Bobbin may have found love with Sarah Carey on this year's season of the show, but the farmer has hinted that there was another love story that fans didn't get to see. The love story between him and fellow farmer Bert Harris, of course!

Taking to Instagram, Joe shared a Photoshopped image of himself and Bert enjoying a bath together. Joe was known for enjoying a bath with the ladies he was wooing on his farm, and the farmer somehow ended up in a bath with most of the ladies at some point or another.


"The love story that they didn’t want you to know about @bertharris #behindthescenes #farmerlove #farmersforfarmers #forbiddenlove," Joe jokingly wrote.

Bert was quick to comment, "#farmerafterdark," with one user commenting, "Now that's some quality television."

Keely McCarthy, Joe's runner-up who enjoyed a bath with the farmer on one occasion, quipped, "[Bert] was just biding his time to get you into a bathtub, saw him eyeing it off at camping."

Claire, another of Joe's ladies, who, yes, also had a bath with the farmer, added, "It’s about time boys, keeping the bathtub flame alight 🛀 🔥."

"Making the most out of your Photoshop subscription Joey," one of Joe's friends joked.

"Oh don’t worry, we knew about it. We all picked up on the bromance vibes 😂," another said.


"Lol, now we know why Bert left," a third joked, referencing Bert's shock exit last month, with the farmer not choosing any of his ladies.

"Joe certainly spent a lot of time in the bath and with his gear off!" a fourth pointed out.

"Two handsome fellas in the bathtub - what more could a girl ask for!" someone else added.

"[Joe] finally treating me to one of his world famous baths," Bert wrote, sharing the photo on his Instagram Stories.

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