Farmer Wants A Wife fans slam the producers for major change: 'Ruined the show'

Farmer Wants A Wife fans believe producers are trying to turn it into the new MAFS.

Farmer Wants A Wife stars
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have taken to social media to slam the show's producers over a major change. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife fans have taken to social media to slam the show's producers for "trying to make the show like MAFS." Many fans agree that the producers have tried to make the show more dramatic than previous seasons.

"I think the new producer is trying to make the show like MAFS," one Facebook user wrote. "They can edit it any way they want and make both the men and women out to be something they aren't. All the kissing, etc, this year and the sexual innuendos are more like MAFS than in previous seasons.


"This has really ruined the show. I, for one, won't continue to watch it next year if it starts out like this year. In the past, the men and women were more natural, and that was what was great about the show."

Many other fans of the show agreed, with one user writing, "Yep, they have lost me - sad for the guys involved to have to put up with that type of editing."

Farmer Dean and Teegan
Fans were glad to see Farmer Dean leave the show because he found what he was looking for in Teegan. Photo: Seven

"It will be the end of the show if they keep pushing it to be another MAFS," another added. "Decent farmers won't want to appear on it. No farmers, no show."

"Disappointed! Ladies who don’t even want to be on a farm, so why are they even there? All the PDA is so unreal and a bit sleazy!" a third said. "Best part was the first farmer to leave the show! Good on you!"


"I agree with all these statements, especially after watching the first seasons when it was REALLY a great show and it was really about farmers finding love, not trying to imitate MAFS," someone else said. "The problem is that the ratings are so good, the producers and 7 won't change the format unless the ratings drop."

"I have watched FWAW since season 1, and this season is just mind-blowing wrong," yet another said. "So many negative comments about this season. If they do another season they'll have to go back to original format or no one will bother turning in."

Others described it as the "worst season yet" and begged for Seven to replace Samantha Armytage with former host Natalie Gruzlewski.

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