Fans outraged after iconic 90s band 'disappears' for an hour during Perth show

Aqua left the stage mid-show but fans weren't updated on why until they returned an hour later.

Fans were left outraged this week when iconic 90s band Aqua disappeared from the stage for an hour during their Perth show.

Mix94.5 Pete & Kymba for Breakfast's producer Shelby Brady told the hosts about the concert, which she revealed didn't start very well.

Iconic 90s pop group Aqua
Iconic 90s pop group Aqua was plagued by issues this week during their Perth performance after the lead singer left the stage and came back performing in tears. Photo: Instagram/adam1985

"So they got on stage at 9pm, I knew that they were off to a bad start when the screen behind them said, 'Hello Adelaide,'" Shelby said, adding that it made the concert "instantly bad".


"To be fair, their first song was 'Cartoon Heroes' and you know what? [It was] a vibe, loving it," she continued. "However, as soon as the song ended, I mean you could see that the main woman [Lene Nystrøm] in it was taking her headpiece in and out throughout the song but it didn't seem like a huge issue."

"She walks off, but she's the lead singer, so they have to continue without her, they're floundering, the main guy [René Dif] is walking up to everyone trying other hand off the mic to try and get somebody to sing," Shelby added, saying the band attempted to do an entire song without Lene, which was "so awkward".

Aqua were offstage for an hour with no update to fans, when they returned lead singer Lene had changed into what looked like her pyjamas. Photo: Instagram/adam1985
Aqua were offstage for an hour with no update to fans, when they returned lead singer Lene had changed into what looked like her pyjamas. Photo: Instagram/adam1985

After the band finished the song René reportedly told the crowd they were having "sound issues" and said they'd be back in eight minutes. Shelby confirmed to the host that the band was offstage for an hour, not eight minutes, and the crowd was getting agitated at this point because they'd shut the bar and there was nowhere to sit.

"Heaps of people left, you know, it was so strange because there's no communication at all, like it was just an empty stage," she said, adding that there was not one person that updated them on the band's whereabouts while they waited.

At 10pm, the band came back onstage, but things only got weirder, with Shelby explaining, "[Lene] was wearing pleather before, she's dressed out of that and she's now in her actual pyjamas, like pyjama bottoms and a T-shirt. And she was crying... heavy breathing the whole time. And that was for the entire hour performance as well."

"She kept performing. I mean, you could clearly see there were issues with the sound," the producer said, adding that Lene kept trying to adjust the sound coming through her earpiece. "

She actually gave up at one point... and when she couldn't sing, she would just put the mic down and just let people sing it. She was so over it."

Kymba said that while it might have started with a sound issue, it sounds like there was something more serious happening.

"That sounds like she's having a bit of an episode," she said. "You go from your tight pleather outfit, and you're off stage for an hour and you come back crying and you're in pyjamas that indicates something has gone wrong like she's not okay."


"Why did they make her play? It sounds like she was having a bit of a mental health episode," Kymba questioned.

Pete agreed that it must have been something like that because while many fans were outraged by the band's disappearance, a lot of them also appeared to be rallying around Lene.

Shelby agreed, but added it wasn't amazing to be standing around for so long without an update.

"I'm just imagining all these producers and everyone backstage going, 'Okay, how can we get you on, what if you do it in your jim jams?' It sounds like a horrible negotiation and I'm glad it wasn't a part of it," Kymba added.

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