7th Heaven star looks completely unrecognisable during cast reunion

"David Gallagher looks so different with a bald head and beard!"

TW: this article contains a reference to sexual assault.

Former child star David Gallagher looks very different these days, with the 7th Heaven star reuniting with his former casemates at 90s Con over the weekend.

David, now 39, no longer has long golden locks like he did when he played Simon on the show. Instead, he's now rocking a shaved head and a bushy beard.

7th Heaven star David Gallagher as a child actor
7th Heaven star David Gallagher when he was a young child actor. Photo: Getty

He is also no longer acting and is a stay-at-home dad to his six-year-old daughter.

Fellow former 7th Heaven star Beverley Mitchell shared several snaps and videos of herself and the rest of the cast, including David, as they reunited.

Beverley and David travelled to the convention together, and fans were excited to see the TV brother and sister duo back together.


"Beyond grateful for these crazy humans that I call family!" Beverley wrote on Instagram alongside a reel that included photos from the reunion. "To say that this was needed was an understatement, my heart is full and I have been so blessed to love and laugh with them!"

Fans were very excited to see the TV family back together, with Barry Watson, Mackenzie Rosman and Catherine Hicks also joining Beverley and David.

7th Heaven stars reunited
David now rocks a shaved head and long beard. Photo: Instagram/beverleymitchell

"Oh my god @beverleymitchell, David Gallagher looks so different with a bald head and beard," one user commented. "Wow I didn’t even realise that was Simon at first I had to do a double take lol 😂 but he seems like a pretty cool guy I so wish I could meet you guys at 90s con this weekend 😭."

"I miss his hair 😭," another said. "I had a big Ole crush on Simon,"

"My dude Simon with the bald AND the beard," a third added. "Loving it!"

"He's SoOoOoOoO cute!!! 🥰 My god even with his bald head..." someone else said.

"My favourite TV family! I miss David’s hair," one fan wrote.

Others pointed out that Jessica Biel wasn't in attendance, though Beverley revealed she and the cast FaceTimed her while they were together.

"Jessica [Biel] too famous I guess?" one fan wrote.

Another pointed out, "I can see why Jessica isn’t there, supporting her husband’s 6th album release party #justintimberlake."


"This is very nice, what a pity Jessica could only [FaceTime] with you and not be part of the family reunion," a third added.

Some also wrote that they thought Mackenzie hadn't aged, with one user writing, "How did Ruthie not age??"

"Mackenzie literally hasn't aged," another added.

"How do y’all look the same?" a third said.

Stephen Collins, who played Eric Camden on the show, was also not present after admitting to sexual misconduct with underage girls in 2014.

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