Fans gobsmacked by 'barely recognisable' returning MAFS stars

Married at First Sight fans have been left scratching their heads after an A Current Affair special aired ahead of the highly-anticipated reunion this Sunday evening left them with one huge question – exactly who is who?

Between a bit of nip and tuck here and there, some dramatic hair changes and a few weight loss transformations the returning cast looked less familiar than many fans anticipated.

Ines Basic Jessika Power Martha MAFS transformations unrecognisable
Fans are blown away by some no-so-familiar faces at the upcoming MAFS reunion. Photo: Nine

Favourites and villains from series past appearing include Cyrell Paule and Jessika Power, Ines Basic, Ryan Gallagher, Mike Gunner, Dean Wells, Nasser Sultan, Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus (who recently called it quits) and success stories Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli as well as new parents Jules and Cam.

In an explosive sneak peek on Thursday evening, A Current Affair grabbed some of the familiar faces for a teaser of what’s to come, but many fans were left puzzled at who exactly they were even looking at.


“So many of them I didn’t even recognise at all,” one befuddled fan wrote.

MAFS should re-name itself Nip & Tuck - all of them barely recognisable,” another agreed.

The most unrecognisable of the stars was Jo 'Foxy Jojo' McPharlin who cut a very different figure with a sharp new haircut and a dramatic fitness transformation.

Jo McPharlin on Season 5 (left) and after weight loss transformation (right) MAFS reunion
Jo McPharlin looked a new woman thanks to a dramatic transformation since she appeared on season 5 (left).Photo: Nine

“OMG look at [Jo] now she looks so different,” one fan wrote.

“Good on her, she looks gorgeous!” another agreed.

Jo herself was beaming with pride at her new look, telling ACA: “I feel like a million bucks!”.

Others barely recognised Jessika Powers who is looking ultra-glam with a bit of extra botox and a stylish new bob cut.

Jessika Power on MAFS reunion (left) and on MAFS season 2019 (right)
Jess has indulged in some domestic enhancements and a chic choppy bob since her time on the show in 2019 (right). Photo: Nine

“Am I the only one who didn’t recognise Jess until they said her name? “ one fan observed.

The change is unsurprising given the reality star has openly discussed spending more than $50,000 on surgery since appearing on the show. She’s also a fan of the ‘vampire’ facial’ as made famous by Kim Kardashian.

Some weren’t fans of many of the stars’ super plumped new looks which are in keeping with the bigger lips and fuller cheek cosmetic trends that have swept social media since their seasons.

“Why are their faces all swollen?” was an uncharitable comment that surfaced.

Ines Basic looked a new woman ditching her trademark jet black locks for a softer brown colour, and sporting a fuller pout.

Ines Basic reunion (left) and before (right)
Ines is rocking a lighter hairdo and a fuller pout at the MAFS reunion, cutting a different figure to her black hair days in 2019 (right). Photo: Nine

“So different,” one fan wrote.

Nasser Sultan also had fans doing a double-take, many wondering if he’d opted for a bit of work since his time on the show back in 2018.

“Did Nasser have his lips done and eyebrows lifted?” a fan wondered.

Nasser MAFS reunion (left) and before on MAFS season (right)
Some fans through Nasser looked very different at the reunion, compared with his original appearance on MAFS. Photo: Nine

Nasser, however, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he has not had any cosmetic work done because he ‘doesn’t need any’.

“No, I have not had any work done,” he says.

“That’s very rude of people to think. I don’t need any [work]. I’m genetically blessed and an Egyptian prince,” he adds.

Nasser said his secrets to looking fab at 54 included drinking lots of water, moisturising ‘10 times a day’ and ‘being famous’.

“When you’re famous you have no worries and then no frown lines,” he says.

Martha MAFS original dark hair on show (left) and with blonde hair after show at reunion (right)
Martha looked strikingly different with a very blonde new look at the reunion (left). Photo: Nine

Martha Kalifatidis’ hair transformation had some viewers doing a double-take, with the 2019 star’s bright blonde look a striking contrast to her formerly dark tresses.

In fact, for many, it was only her TV ‘husband’ turned real-life partner Michael Brunelli on her arm that jogged their memories of the now Insta-famous celebrity.

“How different does she look!” one person wrote of Martha.

Of course, the many MAFS alumni have always been known for shaking up their looks regularly.

Ahead of what’s sure to be a drama-packed weekend, we decided to take a look back at some of the most shocking transformations to come out of the show over the years, with some former brides looking almost unrecognisable since they made their debut on the reality series.

The ‘Grand Reunion’ special will air 7 pm Sunday, January 31 and 7.30 pm Monday, February 1, on Channel Nine.

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