All the brides and grooms returning for MAFS All-Stars

Channel Nine has confirmed an all-star special of Married at First Sight will air early next year, leaving fans of the explosive reality show champing at the bit to discover which familiar faces will be returning.

The reality series, which started as a social experiment designed to matchmake suitable couples, is now better known as a drama-fuelled show that is never without a healthy dose of cheating, lying and double-crossing.

Image of MAFS dinner party
MAFS stars are returning to Sydney to shoot the All-Star special. Photo Nine

Reuniting former couples and friends almost certainly guarantees we’re in for a bonfire event with sparks set to fly – but which of your favourite MAFS heroes, or villains, are expected to return?

Jessika Power

Jessika Power with Dan Webb on MAFS
Jessika Power is set to return after her MAFS match to Dan Webb broke down in 2019. Photo: Channel Nine.

Rumour has it two-time ‘bride’ Jessika Power is back and ready to get down to some serious dinner party drama, with the blonde bombshell spotted arriving in Sydney on Monday evening.

Jessika was best known for ‘cheating’ on husband Mick Gould and hooking up with Dan Webb, who ditched ‘wife’ Tamara Joy for the blonde beauty, only to have the relationship break down on live TV.

Jessika Power wearing a white bikini top
Jess may have something to prove in her big MAFS return. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power.

Looks like she’ll have plenty of unfinished business to address on the two episodes.

Ines Basic

Ines Basic on Married At First Sight
MAFS 'villain' Ines Basic is back for more. Photo: Channel Nine.

Ines Basic was another arrival spotted jetting into Sydney on Monday, reportedly to shoot the two-part special.

Ines was best known for also doing her partner dirty in the same season as Jessika, ditching ‘husband’’ Bronson Norrish for a clandestine rendezvous with Lizzie Sobinoff’s match Sam Ball.

Ines was one of the show’s most notorious ‘villains’ and is likely to have a few matters she’d like to set the record straight on.

Tracey Jewel

Pregnant MAFS star Tracey Jewel wearing a green dress
Tracey Jewel is a MAFS mumma-to-be returning for the All-Star reunion. Photo: Instagram/traceyjewel_ify.

A MAFS mumma-to-be is also set to be returning for the special, with Tracey Jewel jetting into Sydney, likely for the shooting on Monday.

Tracey was famously ditched by Dean Wells, one of the series’ first cheating grooms, who struck up an affair with Davina Rankin.

Now she’s happily coupled up — and expecting a child — with her high school sweetheart Nathan 'Nate' Constable, we’re dying to know what rattling skeletons she’s planning to pull out over an – ahem – friendly dinner party catch up.

Dean Wells

Dean Wells Tracey Jewel MAFS
Dean Wells will come face to face with spurned wife Tracey in the All-Star reunion. Photo: Nine

Sure to make Tracey’s return even more explosive is the fact that former ‘hubby’ Dean is also slated to appear on the reunion special.

Dean was another ‘villain’ of the show who is likely to be returning with a point to prove.

As mentioned he broke Tracey’s trust with a shocking hook up with Davina and ultimately left the show in disgrace.

Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus

Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus pose for a selfie in a car
Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus were also spotted filming the Married at First Sight reunion special. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth.

After leaving her first stint on the show sans husband, Lizzie Sobinoff gave love a second go on the 2020 season where she was coupled up with personal trainer Seb Guilhaus.

The pair has been going strong ever since and love to flaunt their affection for one another with saucy snaps on Instagram.

Nasser Sultan

MAFS star Nasser Sultan with 'bride' Gabrielle Bartlett in 2018
Nasser Sultan was paired with 'bride' Gabrielle Bartlett in 2018. Photo: Channel Nine.

The always attention-grabbing Nasser will hardly be a surprise addition to the all-star line-up for any MAFS fans, with the 52-year-old never one to shy away from a headline.

Nasser is sure to clash with Tracey who, among many other MAFS alumni, he ran his mouth about publicly following his appearance on the series.

Nasser recently appeared in First Dates Australia, and we’re not sure what his end game will be on the MAFS all-star reunion, but we’re betting it’s going to send eyebrows flying skywards.

Cyrell Paule

Cyrell MAFS angry All-Star
Cyrell Paule is set to bring her passionate MAFS persona back for the All-Star special. Photo: Nine

Cyclone Cyrell is forecast to come ripping through the all-star reunion with all her famous passion and flair.

Rumour has it the new mum will be taking her seat at the table where she was famously caught up in a physical altercation with fellow bride Martha Kalifatidis who doused her in red wine in a heated moment.

Cyrell was coupled up with Nic Jovanovic on the show but is now raising 10-month-old son Boston with Love Island’s Eden Dally – we wonder if she’ll bring him along for a reality series crossover spectacular?

Jules and Cam

Photo: Nine MAFS Jules Cam all-star return mafs bridal shoot
Jules and Cam are set to bring their success story to the dinner table. Photo: Nine

There have been reports the series’ biggest success story, Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant will be returning to the dinner party table, perhaps as a beacon of hope to the more disappointed contestants.

The pair have welcomed their new baby and tied the knot – the only MAFS marriage to become a real-life one so far.

Martha and Michael

Martha Michael MAFS all-star reunion
Some have hinted Martha and Michael will be retuning to the MAFS screen for the reunion. Photo: Nine Instagram

The other MAFS success story, Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli are also tipped to show their beautiful faces at the all-star reunion special.

The duo has turned their MAFS fame into a profitable Instagram pairing, with Martha boasting just shy of 350k followers, and Michael leaving his job as a teacher to launch his personal training business.

The duo is as loved up as ever but couldn’t resist dipping their toes in the drama while they were participants in the show, so we’re sure they’ll well and truly spice up the proceedings if they are indeed returning.

Mike Gunner

Mike Gunner was paired with Heidi Latcham on MAFS in 2019. Photo: Instagram/mikekangaroo.
Mike Gunner was paired with Heidi Latcham on MAFS in 2019. Photo: Instagram/mikekangaroo.

Another returning star is Mike Gunner, 44, who was paired with Heidi Latcham on MAFS in 2019. He’s since rebranded himself as a podcaster and is also a tattoo artist that specialises in men’s hairlines.

Ryan Gallagher

Ryan Gallagher recently dated Georgie Shore star Charlotte Crosby. Photo: Instagram/ryangallaghergram.
Ryan Gallagher recently dated Georgie Shore star Charlotte Crosby. Photo: Instagram/ryangallaghergram.

Ryan Gallagher has kept himself very busy since his 2018 MAFS stint during which he ‘married’ Davina Rankin — who later cheated on him with Dean Wells.

The 32-year-old labourer has since appeared on I’m A Celebrity and ended up briefly dating his co-star Charlotte Crosby. After splitting with Geordie Shore star Charlotte he was linked with former Bachelorette Angie Kent.

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