MAFS: The most shocking bride transformations

The Married at First Sight reunion all-star special is about to hit the air in just a few days time, with some of the most-loved and controversial stars from over the years set to light up our screens once more.

Teasers show that not only will the two-part special (which first airs on January 7th on Channel Nine) be a nice trip down memory lane for fans and former ‘brides’ and ‘groom’s alike, but it appears sparks are about to fly at the dinner table.

Ahead of the drama, we decided to take a look back at some of the most shocking transformations to come out of the show over the years, with some former brides looking almost unrecognisable since they made their debut on the reality series.

Jessika Power

Jessika Power on MAFS
Jessika Power appeared on MAFS in 2019. Photo: Channel Nine

Jessika Power burst onto the MAFS scene for season six of the reality show, where she became known as one of the most controversial contestants to ever take part in the series.

Since the show, she has been very open about her transformation, telling New Idea she has spent over $50,000 on surgery since appearing on MAFS in 2019.

Jessika Power in a green top and pink lipstick
Jess admitted she's spent up to $50,000 on surgery since appearing on the show. Photo: Instagram/Jessika Power
Jessika Power in a pink bikini
She recently revealed she spent $16,000 on an autologous fat graft - a new breast enhancement technique. Photo: Instagram/Jessika Power

Jess has had cheek and lip fillers and veneers along with her breast augmentation.

She recently revealed she spent $16,000 on an autologous fat graft - a new breast enhancement technique.

“I'm getting more and more girls – I think as it comes up to summer – asking about the fat transfer. I'm really happy with it,” the 29-year-old said on her Instagram Stories.


Lizzie Sobinoff

Lizzie Sobinoff  in her wedding dress on MAFS
Lizzie Sobinoff is one of the most famous brides from MAFS. Photo: Instagram/Channel Nine

Lizzie Sobinoff also famously appeared in the 2019 series of MAFS and returned again last year for the 2020 show, where she met Seb Guilhaus.

Since appearing on the show, Lizzie has had quite the transformation, dying her long blonde locks brown and ditching the bright lipstick shades, long fingernails and heavy eye makeup she became known for in 2019.

Lizzie Sobinoff in a tattoo parlour chair
Lizzie dyed her blonde locks brown and ditched the heavy makeup. Photo: Instagram/Lizzie Sobinoff
Lizzie Sobinoff  in a white tank top and heavy makeup at a restaurant
Lizzie is a self-confessed style chameleon. Photo: Instagram/Lizzie Sobinoff

Speaking last year about her ever-changing look, Lizzie said on Instagram: "I am a chameleon, guys, I'm a self-confessed chameleon and what that means to me is that I always change up my look.

"I like to have fun with my look I like to experiment with what I'm feeling at that current moment.

"I loved the way that I looked the first time [on MAFS], just very vivacious, very powerful — I loved the over-the-top makeup, I loved being so [out there] with my appearance, it was fun and I look back with fond memories."

Ines Basic

Ines Basic in her wedding dress
Ines Basic appeared on season six of MAFS. Photo: Instagram/Ines Basic

Ines Basic became know as the fiery ‘villain’ bride on season six of the show in 2019, when she cheated on TV husband Bronson Norrish with co-star Sam Ball.

Since her exit from the show, Ines has brought her fans along on her transformation journey with her on Instagram.

Ines Basic in an Instagram photo
Ines became known as the 'villain' on the show due to her love triangle with Bronson and Sam. Photo: Instagram/Ines Basic
Ines Basic holding up Instagram sponsorship products
Ines revealed to her followers that she gets lip injections. Photo: Instagram/Ines Basic

Not long after the series came to an end, Ines revealed her cosmetics secrets, replying to a fan who asked her: “Do you have lip injections”.

Ines responded: “I do”, before sharing she’s been visiting the same cosmetic clinic for the last few years.

“I have been seeing the girls at @injexclinics for many years now!” she wrote.

“I only get 0.5 mil. I have tried 1 mil on multiple occasions though.”

She also debuted luscious new hair extensions on her feed and later changed to blonde for a while.

Martha Kalifatidis

Martha Kalifatidis in her wedding dress
Martha Kalifatidis in her wedding dress in 2019. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

Martha Kalifatidis is arguably one of the most successful brides to come out of the Married At First Sight series.

Still together with her ‘groom’, Michael Brunelli, the duo have managed to build up quite the Instagram following.

Martha Kalifatidis in a blue bikini
Martha has become a massive Instagram influencer since appearing on the show, with nearly 400,000 followers. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis
Martha Kalifatidis with red hair
The star recently dyed her hair an auburn shade. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

Martha may be unrecognisable to some, as she’s gone through numerous transformations since appearing on the show.

First she chopped her hair up into a lob, them dyed it blonde before now settling on an auburn shade.

She’s also been showing off her bikini body on her social media account, sharing her secrets with her 400,000 Instagram followers.

Martha has recently embarked on Michael’s True Fit By Michael workout program, updating her followers with her progress pics as she goes.

Sarah Roza

Sarah Roza on MAFS in 2018
Sarah Roza appeared on MAFS in 2018. Photo: Channel Nine

Sarah Roza was famously ‘married’ to Telv Williams on season five of the reality show in 2018.

Things didn’t exactly go to plan for the pair, who both decided to stay together at the end of the series but broke up in early 2019.

Sarah Roza in a red swimsuit
Sarah went through a transformation after leaving the show. Photo: Instagram/Sarah Roza
Sarah Roza in a green dress on Instagram
Fans have commented Sarah looks almost unrecognisable in her Instagram photos. Photo: Instagram/Sarah Roza

Sarah went on to post her weight loss journey on Instagram, taking to the social media account later that year to post a photo of herself in a red swimsuit, alongside the caption: “I used to cry but now I sweat.”

She told the Daily Mail that she worked hard for her transformation.

“I'm 42 years old now so I really had to make huge changes in all areas of my lifestyle and I'm really proud of myself for taking the necessary steps to improve my health,” she said.

“There's been no quick fixes or gimmicks... just lots of hard work.”

Jo McPharlin

Jo McPharlin in her MAFS wedding dress
Jo McPharlin appeared on season five of MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

Jo McPharlin, who appeared on season five of the show in 2018 and ‘married pub manager Sean Donnelly, has probably had the biggest transformation of any contestant from the series.

Jo, known as 'Foxy Jojo' on her season, went from a size 22 to a size 8 after seeing her mother get sick.

Foxy Jojo weight loss
Jo went from a size 22 to a size 8. Photo: Instagram/foxyjojo77
Foxy Jojo takes a selfie
She said her mother's illness spurred on her own transformation. Photo: Instagram/foxyjojo77

"After seeing my own mum being sick, I just didn't want that for myself, and I wanted to make sure that I was around for my own kids, that I could run around with them and be the best mum to them that I could be” she recently told 9Entertainment.

"You know, it's all about just making sure that I'm eating food that is good and healthy, it's not about the weight for me, it really isn't. It's about making sure that I have the energy and the health to stick around and be as happy as I can be."

She also revealed that she has been seeing someone for a while now and is living in Adelaide.

The Married At First Sight Grand Reunion kicks off on Sunday, January 31 at 7.00pm on Nine.

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