Truth behind MAFS Jess Power's shocking makeup-free selfie

Jessika Power left fans gobsmacked on Tuesday evening after she shared a ‘makeup-free’ selfie in which she looked unrecognisable.

The former Married at First Sight bride was completing an Instagram challenge in which fans request particular photos and videos to be shared.

Jessika Power makeup glam look
Jess looked very different in a makeup-free video she shared on instagram. Photo: Instagram/ jessika_power

As part of the challenge, she was asked to share a photo of her face free from the professional makeup looks she typically sports.

The reality TV star responded with a video in which she was barely recognisable, her bare face bright red and swollen.

In the video, Jess couldn’t look more different from her typical glam self but as it turns out it is because of the video that she is able to keep herself looking drop-dead gorgeous.

Images of MAFS bride Jessika Power with red, swollen face after vampire facial
The video showed Jess looking almost unrecognisable. Photo: Instagram/ jessika_power


She revealed to fans that the video was not, in fact of her typical face without makeup, rather it was snapped after a ‘vampire selfie’.

The vampire facial was made famous by Kim Kardashian and involve microdermabrasion followed by the application of your own blood to stimulate healthy skin cell activity.

Needless to say in the immediate aftermath it leaves the patient looking a little... otherworldly.

Jess Powers in sultry photoshoot, sun and makeup
Jess looks like this because of the wild video, not in spite of it. Photo: Instagram/ jessika_power

Jess broke the news to hysterical fans in a follow-up video.

“Because my inbox is being blown up... no guys this sin’t how I look all the time either,” she revealed. “This is straight after a vampire facial.”

The hilarious video was one of many the now budding Instagram influencer shared, including a sneak peek at her very first MAFS application.

She’s not the only reality star to shock fans with unrecognisable looks on Instagram.

2020 contestant Tash Herz looked almost unrecognisable from the girl we saw on TV with the 31-year-old sharing her new transformation on Instagram earlier this year.

Similarly, Stacie Hampton had fans doing a double-take when she uploaded a snap showing off some serious work she had had done.

Most recently, Big Brother’s ‘Farmer Dave’ left onlookers gobsmacked when he uploaded a photo to his Instagram account.

In the snap, the 40-year-old former reality TV star — who was in his mid-20s when he made his TV debut — is seen enjoying a beer while shirtless in a large tub of water and he looks like a totally different person.

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