Couple's 'obnoxious' list of wedding rules shocks people online: 'Such a hard pass’

The bizarre list of demands has fuelled outrage online.

Another case of wedding controversy has fuelled outrage online after a couple’s “insufferable” list of rules for their big day was shared to the popular Facebook group.

While some of the rules in question were dubbed as “reasonable”, the post was largely riddled with comments from group members describing the couple as “obnoxious” and “aggressive”.

A total of 15 regulations were outlined in the couple’s demands for the day, from a strict black and gold dress code, to asking guests not to “sit down all night” and stating that their opinions on the day were “irrelevant”.

The no-sitting request particularly ignited a flurry of comments from those deeming the list as bridezilla behaviour.

The list of rules (left) and a bride and groom (right).
The couple's complete list of wedding rules was shared online. Photo: Facebook/Getty

“It’s pretty ableist in general, and I try not to read super far into everything,” a group contributor expressed.

“Are you really telling grandma she can’t sit all evening if she wants to?” another commenter implored.

“No sitting = no attending,” a third chimed in. “Might as well say ‘no old or disabled people’ instead.”

“If you’re not allowed to sit down, why did they make a seating chart?” another commenter asked, also in reference to the fourth rule on the list asking guests to “not rearrange seats” as there was a seating chart “for a reason”.


'Such a hard pass': Wedding rules slammed

Meanwhile, other group members took issue with the general tone of the list of rules – or the act of sending one out in the first place. Of course, a wedding is a couple’s special day of celebration, but many argue that a certain level of trust should be afforded to adult guests on how to behave.

“I would never attend any event for which a list like that was sent out,” one Facebook user explained under the post. “If you hate your guests, why have a party?”

Table setting at a wedding.
One of the rules was that guests should "not sit down all night". Photo: Getty

“Yet another ‘my guests are props for my aesthetic’ wedding,” a second commenter shared. “All I need to know is how formal. Don't tell me what colour to wear. Such a hard pass.”

“Yikes,” another said. “Clearly the bride has an extremely low opinion of her own guests.”

One commenter even wrote that if anyone sent them a list of rules for a wedding they would “never speak to them again”, while another simply stated that they “would not attend this wedding”.

Wedding or prison?

There were even people comparing the wedding environment to that of a prison after reading the tone of the couple’s demands.

A bride and groom cheer in front of their guests after being married.
Commenters have said they would 'never attend' a wedding with rules like this. Photo: Getty

“Why are they so goddamn confrontational?” one person asked in the comments. “Like, read the room. It’s a wedding, not a prisoner prom at a jail.”

A fellow commenter wrote “what in the Stanford Prison Experiment is this?” before expressing that the couple’s attitude was “off the charts” and that the rules were “total bulls***”.


While there were some participants of the Facebook group – which has more than 90,000 members – defending the bride as sometimes rules that seem obvious “aren’t always obvious to everyone”, the post is a glaring reminder of the divisive nature of big weddings.

Seemingly, the couple in question may have a few disgruntled guests.

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