Bride's 'rude' and ‘controlling’ demand sparks debate: 'F**king dreadful'

Her over-the-top request hasn't gone down well.

A bride has firmly divided opinion after sharing what seemed like a simple wedding planning video. Betti Adams, who shares lifestyle content on her Instagram account, showed followers how she made her wedding invitations.

In the video, her fiancé was seen painstakingly painting four coloured circles – pink, beige, dark brown and black – onto the “Attire” part of her invitations.

The caption reads: “POV: not one single printer could print your wedding colours [accurately] enough, so your fiancé painted all the colours on every single invite”.

L: Bride posing on the beach in white dress. R: Screenshot of Instagram showing a man painting circles on wedding invitations
This bride has ruffled feathers with her request. Photo: Instagram/bettiladams

The four colours were the colours that guests were expected to wear, with the bride requesting that everybody turn up in formal or cocktail wear.


Her invitation went on to specify styles that both male and female guests needed to adhere to, reading: “Ladies: midi or floor-length dresses. Gentlemen: Dress pants, button-down shirt with a tie [or] bowtie. Sports coat optional.”

“No denim, flip flops, sneakers, red, or creams, whites or champagnes. We kindly ask that you dress within our colour palette for our special day.”

Followers slam bride’s attempt to ‘control’ guests

This video proved controversial, with many people wondering why the bride needed to go to these lengths.

“If you can’t bear the margin of error at the printer, how are you going to react when someone’s dress is a close but not exact match?” one person asked.

Bride's wedding invitations with a clear colour scheme on them
The bride's invitations attracted many negative comments. Photo: Instagram/bettiladams

“Why do you want to control what your guests wear? The wedding party is normal, but the guests? Pretty controlling. Go see a therapist about your issues,” another fired out.

“Expecting people to spend money on new outfits for your wedding colour scheme is rude,” a third remarked.

“This is so annoying your wedding is gonna be f**king dreadful,” another added.

“So not only are sad beige mums a huge thing now, but sad beige weddings?” one person asked.

Bride responds to scathing comments

Betti replied to many comments on her Instagram post to justify her decision to include strict wedding colours.

“It’s called a dress code, that 98% of weddings have. Calm down… I didn’t tell anyone to purchase anything,” she wrote. “You can call me sad and beige all you want honey. These are my calm colours and I want my wedding to be calm.”

The bride also said that she was “hoping most people would find it helpful” and that she had a “vision” for what she wanted her wedding to look like.

People defend the bride for ‘lovely’ idea

After an influx of brutal comments, some followers came out to bat for Betti.

“Having colours on an invite is so handy for finding something to wear. You can just take it with you and colour match or find something close to what’s in the wedding palette,” one person pointed out.


“The comments on this post are so hateful. She’s paying to host her guests, she has a vision, she’s trying to bring it to life and it looks cute! Y’all need to lay off my new bestie. I’m defensive of her after reading these comments!” another wrote.

“Call me crazy but I would actually appreciate this. I always have MAJOR anxiety when deciding what to wear to weddings (and worrying if I’ll stick out like a sore thumb),” a third chimed in.

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