Bride slammed over 'mean' wedding request: 'What a snob'

Social media users have questioned the bride's values as she revealed some surprising concerns about her big day.

Weddings are often hailed as joyous occasions, celebrating love, unity, and the coming together of friends and family. However, one bride's superficial concerns regarding her future husband's choice of groomsman have sparked outrage and disbelief across social media.

Three men from a wedding party stand holding wine glasses.
The bride shared concerns over her wedding photos because of a groomsman's appearance. Photo: Getty

The controversy played out online when the bride expressed her apprehensions about her future husband's friend, whom he planned to ask to be a groomsman. The issue? The friend's lack of front teeth.


"My future husband has a friend who he wants to be a groomsman (hasn't asked yet). I finally met him and... he has no front teeth," she wrote, expressing her worry about how this would affect the wedding photos and any speeches the groomsman might give.

Judgement and criticism

The responses poured in, with many expressing shock and dismay at the bride's shallow attitude.

"I feel so sad for the friend. Imagine how insecure he already must be about something so noticeable," one commenter empathised.

"What. A. Snob," someone else chimed in.

Others didn't mince their words, labelling the bride as "crazy," "rude," and even a "monster" for her callous remarks. "I hope the groom realises how incredibly shallow she is before they get married," one person wrote, reflecting a sentiment shared by many other group members.

Community members criticised the bride's attitude towards groomsman's appearance. Photo: Getty
Social media users criticised the bride's attitude towards groomsman's appearance. Photo: Getty

Amidst the backlash, some offered practical advice, suggesting that if an issue can't be easily rectified, it shouldn't be brought up at all. "I'm a firm believer of if they can't fix it in 5 seconds or 5 minutes, don't mention it," one commenter wisely noted.

Others called out the bride's priorities, questioning the importance of flawless photos over someone's feelings and self-esteem. "Do people ever look at their wedding pictures after a year or two? I never looked at my wedding pictures at all," another user added.

'Put your money where your mouth is'

Another group member pointed out, "He most likely won't smile in a way that shows it, the photographs won't matter. I do hope she brings this up to her future husband so he can see what an insecure mean girl she is."

As the discussion continued, the criticism towards the bride's attitude became increasingly pointed. "You wanna go all out, why don't you put your money where his mouth is?" one commenter quipped, suggesting a more meaningful way to invest in the "perfect" wedding experience.

And for those advocating for empathy and understanding, one commenter bluntly suggested: "Pay for dental implants or you can take that opinion and... well, you know where she can stick it!"

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