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The new beauty product designed to protect your skin: 'Perfect for glassy, dewy skin'

This cult Japanese product supports your skin microbiome.

There have been huge advances in skincare in the last few years, and helping support your skin microbiome is now considered an essential part of a skincare routine. Skin microbiome is a protective shield that keeps your skin healthy and happy. Made up of a diverse community of microorganisms that reside on your skin's surface, it can easily be thrown out of balance and lead to a weakened skin barrier, redness, dehydration, and even breakouts.

Now beauty lovers have discovered a product designed specifically to support your microbiome, leading to seriously glowy skin.

"So refreshing and makes my skin so dewy. Perfect for getting glassy, hydrated skin," says one fan. "I've noticed a significant difference since using this," adds another beauty buff. "I usually have super dry skin but now my skin looks nice and dewy all day every day."

Women with Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew
Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew supports your skin microbiome. Photo: Supplied

Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew, $62, is a Japanese treatment essence that provides lightweight hydration, and nourishment, and supports the skin's barrier function.

Sometimes confused with a toner, which is used to balance the skin's pH and remove residue left after cleansing, a treatment essence is designed to boost the equilibrium of your skin, and help your skin absorb your other skincare products.

Two women with Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew
Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew delivers intense hydration and helps your skin barrier. Photo: Supplied


Super Collagen Moisture Dew has year-round benefits; in summer it works as lightweight hydration with a non-greasy finish, while in winter its ultra-hydrating properties create a protective barrier against cold air that can leave your skin feeling dry.

Treatment Essences are designed to be applied after cleansing and before serums or moisturisers. Just pat it on to your skin morning and night, before your usual skincare. Because it's so lightweight, it can also act as a primer, giving you a super smooth base before applying makeup.

Fans love the moisture-injection it brings to their skin.

"This essence works great to bring back moisture especially when my skin gets super dry," says one happy customer. "A lovely light moisture dew that leaves skin feeling soft and glowing - even on mature skin," says another.

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