Buckingham Palace rubbishes claims King Charles is dead after Russian media 'announcement'

The palace was quick to set the record straight on the state of King Charles' health.

Buckingham Palace has been forced to deny reports that King Charles died on Monday following a dubious-looking 'announcement' by Russian media.

The Russian reports read: "The following announcement is made by royal communications. The King passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon."

King Charles
Buckingham Palace has been forced to rubbish claims King Charles is dead after Russian media make 'announcement'. Photo: Getty

However, the palace was quick to set the record straight, denying the report, with their statement reading: "We are happy to confirm that The King is continuing with official and private business."

According to the New York Post, the Telegram channel Mash, which has over 2 million subscribers, was one of the first to share the fake news, with a post that read: "Britain’s King Charles III has died, Buckingham Palace reports. The son of Elizabeth II ascended the throne less than a year ago – the coronation took place on May 6, 2023. He was 75 years old."


However, they quickly followed it up with a correction, saying, "Abort, we spoke too soon, the announcement turned out to be a fake."

"Let us remember that a few months ago he was diagnosed with cancer and performed surgery on his prostate."

King Charles and Prince William at the Trooping of the Colour
King Charles is determined to attend the Trooping the Colour in June, last year he rode on horseback. Photo: Getty

King Charles was diagnosed with cancer in January, after a hospital visit for an enlarged prostate, however, the palace states that the treatment wasn't related to the cancer and they have not specified what kind of cancer he is battling.

The King's attendance at the Trooping of the Colour Ceremony, which celebrates the Sovereign's official birthday, is currently up in the air, with this year's event set to take place on June 15.

As he continues his treatment, Charles has been working at Buckingham Palace but has yet to make any public appearances.


Despite this, sources have revealed he may be able to take part in the event, with the Trooping the Colour at the "top of the list" of events Charles hopes to attend.

"There are a number of key events His Majesty would love to attend coming up in the diary and this is at the top of the list," they told the Daily Mail.

Last year Charles rode on horseback during the parade, the first time a monarch has done so since 1986, when Queen Elizabeth II last rode.

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