Kim Kardashian divides with Kate Middleton joke amid wild conspiracy theories

It comes following countless social media theories about Kate Middleton's whereabouts.

Kim Kardashian surprised her fans over the weekend with a joke about Kate Middleton as social media continues to spiral with theories on her whereabouts.

Taking to Instagram, Kim shared several snaps, showing off an outfit, with the caption reading, "On my way to go find Kate."

Kate Middleton
Kim Kardashian surprised her fans with a joke about Kate Middleton as social media continues to spiral with theories on her whereabouts. Photo: Getty

Her followers were divided on the joke, with one fan writing, "Omg that caption is going to stir up so much more drama 😂."

"It’s not like people from your fam have gone into hiding (rightfully so) during pregnancy or other medical reasons… this caption isn’t it," another said.


"Nothing like a celebrity who allegedly hates rumours, spreading rumours," a third added.

"The world is divided into two groups," someone else said. "Those who are living for and those who are loathing this caption. Kimberly is mother for this caption."

"Here we go one of the Kardashian’s jumping on the bandwagon," another said. "I know it’s hard for you to grasp that some people think some things are private and not for sake. True colours just shown. Unfollowed!"

"This is not even funny!! F***ing bad taste!" one angry follower added.

"She’s recovering from a major operation! Have some respect," someone else wrote.

Kate underwent abdominal surgery in January, however, the Palace has not shared further details on the reason behind the surgery, only that the recovery would be long and she would be unlikely to return to work until after Easter.

Kate Middleton, Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte in Mother's Day photograph
Fans believe Kate Middleton may have used an old Vogue cover from 2016 and Photoshopped it into her now-viral family portrait. Photo: Instagram/princeandprincessofwales

This month, there have been countless conspiracy theories on Kate's whereabouts after it was discovered that she has barely been seen since Christmas Day.

After the release of the now-viral Mother's Day portrait, rumours hit an all-time high due to some major Photoshop mishaps. This lead to Kate issuing an unprecedented statement on Instagram that read, "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion with the family photograph we shared yesterday caused.

"I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother's Day," she added, signing off simply with, "C."

Meghan Markle offers an olive branch to Kate

Meghan Markle has reportedly offered an olive branch to Kate Middleton amid her Photoshop scandal. The Duchess of Sussex reportedly "reached out" to the Princess of Wales "several times" and is "genuinely worried" following the constant speculation surrounding Kate and her wellbeing.

Tom Quinn, author of Scandals of the Royal Palaces, told The Mirror, "She is genuinely worried about Kate’s health."

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle has reportedly offered an olive branch to Kate amid her Photoshop scandal. Photo: Getty

Kate and Meghan have a famously frosty relationship, and the sisters-in-law have been mostly estranged since Meghan and Prince Harry stepped down as senior members of the royal family in 2020.

However, Quinn does not believe that this will lead to a reconciliation between the women.


"The feeling in Kensington Palace is that if Meghan’s attempts to extend an olive branch are welcomed, it will just re-open old wounds," he said.

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