Brittany Hockley fires back over 'revealing' red carpet dress: 'I felt beautiful'

The Life Uncut host has called out the media for saying she was at risk of a 'wardrobe malfunction'.

The Bachelor's Brittany Hockley has clapped back at people shaming her for wearing a 'revealing' dress to the 2023 ACRAS.

The Life Uncut podcast host looked stunning in a white, floor-length dress that showed off her toned physique with cut-out elements.

However, after the awards a headline ran on the Daily Mail stating Brittany was at risk of a 'wardrobe malfunction'.

"Brittany Hockley risks a wardrobe malfunction in extremely revealing frock at the 34th ACRA Awards," the headline stated.

Brittany Hockley
Brittany Hockley posed on the red carpet at the ACRAs. Photo: Getty Images

'These bad boys were well and truly taped in'

Brittany was having none of it, taking to Instagram to upload a gallery of shots of her look from the awards night, alongside co-host and best friend Laura Byrne.


"I love this dress. I loved my makeup. I felt beautiful actually. It always fascinates me when a woman shows any amount of skin, even in a floor-length gown, and the headlines will read 'leaves little to the imagination in very revealing frock' and 'risks wardrobe malfunction in skin tight dress' - us women out here hustling hard and up for industry awards but anyhow 🤦🏻‍♀️," the star captioned her post.

"Honestly, I appreciate the concern and I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seat but there were no malfunctions and these bad boys were well and truly taped in," she joked.

Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley on the ACRAs red carpet
Brittany arrived with her friend and co-host Laura Byrne. Photo: Getty Images

Brittany continued the post, shouting out her Life Uncut 'fam'.

"Celebrating 100 years of radio last night at the ACRAS with my radio fam. Hundreds of people involved in radio in one gigantic room at once. Awards were won. Wine was had. Talking was nonstop," she said.

Fans and friends were quick to rally around the star in the comments.

"Not normally one to comment, Brit, but I saw a photo of you in this dress this morning and thought “oh wow, she looks INCREDIBLE!”. The media will turn anything into a shit pie if they think people will eat it up," one person said.

"You look insane 🔥 👏 wear whatever the heck you want," Brittany's sister Sheri commented.

"Hey stunner," Brittany's boyfriend Ben Siegrist said.


"It’s not even that revealing," one fan said, leaving a laughing emoji.

"Beautiful inside and out ❤️," radio host Jackie O Henderson said.

Life Uncut's big payday

Just this month Yahoo Lifestyle exclusively revealed Brittany and Laura were on track to generate $1.5million in ticket sales for their upcoming eight-date Life Uncut Live tour across Australia and New Zealand.

The duo will be inviting celebrity friends such as Rebel Wilson to join them each night as they sit down in front of a total of 16,000 fans across all dates.

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