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Beauty fans are raving about Go-To Skincare's new cleanser: 'I'm in love'

Make this hydrating, calming gel cleanser part of your everyday routine.

Is there anything Zoe Foster Blake can't do? The former beauty editor turned entrepreneur has a long list of accomplishments under her belt; she's a novelist, children's author, journalist, parent and founder of the wildly popular beauty brand Go-To Skincare.

It's hard to imagine the 42-year-old has much time to fit anything else in, but the latest Go-To formulation is "seriously impressive" according to fans.

Go-To Skincare Juicy Gel cleanser
Go-To Skincare's new Juicy Gel cleanser is designed for mature and sensitive skin. Photo: Supplied

The new Juicy Gel cleanser is the latest addition to Go-To's cleansing collection and is designed for sensitive or mature skin. Soap-free, it has a soothing jelly-like texture that helps keep your skin barrier balanced and happy.

"It's refreshing, doesn't burn my sensitive skin and is a great addition to my routine," wrote one customer in an online review. "It leaves your skin feeling so incredibly soft and hydrated," agreed another.


A good cleanser is important because it sets up the rest of your skincare to really work. If your skin isn't properly clean, or your cleanser has left a residue on your face, other products can sit on the surface of your skin rather than being absorbed. It can also cause makeup to look uneven or blotchy.

Hands squeezing out Go-To Juicy Gel
Juicy Gel has a jelly-like consistency, which is smooth to rub in and ideal for sensitive skin. Photo: Supplied

The jojoba esters in Juicy Gel are designed to remove impurities and leave your face bouncy and plump without stripping it of its natural oils. It also contains cucumber extract to hydrate and cool the skin, lotus root water to condition the skin, and aloe vera to combat dryness, reduce flakiness and keep the skin supple but not dry.

You can use Juicy Gel on its own or as a second step after a cleansing oil or balm if you're double cleansing. However you choose to use it, customers can't get enough of the new product. "I've noticed a real change in my skin in only a short time," raved one customer. "A little goes a long way. I'm in love!"

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