The Bachelor star Britt Hockley's X-rated confession: 'Don't try this'

Former Bachelor stars Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne have both opened up about the X-rated sides to their love lives in a particularly raunchy episode of their hit podcast, Life Uncut.

The pair delved into a candid chat about 'crazy sex positions' on Monday, with each woman offering a no-holds-barred insight into their bedroom antics.

Brittany Hockley wearing a blue bikini on Bondi beach. Photo: Instagram/brittany_hockley.
Bachelor star Brittany Hockley has opened up about her sex life. Photo: Instagram/brittany_hockley.

Bachie stars' X-rated confessions

Britt was first to reveal her most extreme sexual experience with a partner, who she left unnamed.

"I did handstand sex once," she said, prompting her co-host Laura to question the mechanics of the move.

"Yes, you do the handstand and he's standing up," Britt explained with a laugh. "You have to be, like, a contortionist - it's not for the faint-hearted, don't try this at home!"

An incredulous Laura asked if the position hurt Britt's arms, to which she replied, "It hurts everything! It wasn't overly successful."


A photo of Brittany Hockley and boyfriend Jordan Thompson
Brittany with her partner, Aussie tennis star Jordan Thompson. Photo: Instagram/brittany_hockley.

Britt, who is happily dating Aussie tennis pro Jordan Thompson, went on to argue that 'adventurous sex' is overrated.

"People like to feel like they're doing all these crazy things, but it never really works. The really crazy stuff never works," she said.

Laura agreed with a chuckle, saying, "I feel like you do it for 30 seconds and then you change to something else but at least you ticked it off the list."

"I was not strong enough to go for longer than 30 seconds!" Britt quipped back.

Laura Byrne wearing a blue bikini while holding her baby daughter at the beach. Photo: Instagram/ladyandacat.
Laura takes a dip with her youngest daughter, Lola. Photo: Instagram/ladyandacat.

Next, it was Laura's turn to share her most daring exploits between the sheets which she says was less sexy and more scary.

"This is so graphic - he picked me up and was standing up and my legs were on his shoulders. Like I was on his shoulders. And I could touch the roof!

"It was so unnecessary, as I was so scared I was going to fall. Trying to pretend that I was liking it and I wasn't - he never missed a leg day, that guy."

Like Britt, Laura kept the identity of her partner anonymous. She is, of course, engaged to her Bachelor beau, Matty 'J' Johnson with whom she shares two children.

Bachelor star Laura Byrne (pictured with fiancé Matt Johnson) has revealed her heartbreak after her grandad passed away. Photo: Instagram/ladyandacat.
Laura and her fiancé Matty 'J' Johnson met on The Bachelor in 2017. Photo: Instagram/ladyandacat.

Britt and Laura kicked off 2022 with a bang after their award-winning podcast was picked up by KIIS FM and transformed into the Life Uncut Radio Show on Saturdays.

Back in November, the pair told Yahoo Lifestyle that while the radio show will be 'a lot more professional' than the podcast, it will retain its candid, conversational tone that listeners —or 'Lifers' as they're known — have grown to love.

"The radio show will still have a similar feel to some of the content that we discuss on the podcast but it will be done much more in a radio format in studio," Laura explained.

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