Bizarre reason Kmart shoppers are loving this $35 item: 'Take my money!'

Because your kitty deserves to have its best winter life.

cat in doll bassinet
Thanks to Kmart your cat could be living its best life. Photo: Facebook

Kmart shoppers are praising a budget buy item, repurposing the children's toy for an unusual but creative reason.

One Kmart fan uploaded their ingenious idea online, where they've taken a $35 wooden bassinet made for dolls, and turned it into a cute lil home for their cat, attaching a photo of their feline friend looking quite at home with the new arrangement.

Sharing the idea to a Kmart fans' Facebook page, the innovative idea was met with a lot of praise from people who absolutely loved the idea. "Find happiness," the creative mind behind the doll-turned-cat bassinet said on the post.

"If you don't want it to wobble, attach the bottom like this," they also said, uploading a photo inverting the rocker piece.

cats in kmart doll bassinet
And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon. Photo: Facebook

"Take my money!" one impressed person commented, with someone else agreeing. "Looks like I'm going to Kmart!" they said, while others commented on how cute the idea was. "Brilliant idea & looks good!" one person enthused, while another said, "your cat looks very cosy".

Others asked the creator if the bassinet would fit two cats, with one person fretting their chunky boys/gals may not be able to fit in. "OMG I love it, my cat is weight-challenged. Will it fit chunky 6kg cats do you think?" one person asked.


The creator helpfully uploaded another photo of her two cats nestled in together, looking more than content. Honestly, these kitties are living their best goddamn lives. It's giving winter chic.

cats in kmart bassinet
It is cuffing season after all. Photo: Facebook

The creative cat carrier comes after pet owners are raced to Kmart to score themselves a new must-have item that they described as an absolute essential for every cat and small-dog mum: the $99 pet pram.

“I finally got one of the pet strollers for my fur baby who struggles to walk long distances,” an impressed shopper wrote online after snapping up the pram.

Kmart pet pram
Shoppers raved about this Kmart pet pram. Photo: Facebook


Dozens of others raved about it too with one saying they were “genuinely impressed” with it and another saying it was “well made and sturdy”. Apart from the price and quality, shoppers pointed out a few key features that other pet prams didn't compare on, like the three-in-one solution that converts from a stroller to a carrier and car seat. The pram also has built-in internal collar clips and a large storage basket underneath. But ultimately, it was the dual cup holders that sold it for most people.

“I love this thing so much… not only is it a full-on pram with cup holders and a storage basket underneath, but it’s also a car seat! Umm hello!! What more could you ask for?!” one reviewer wrote on the Kmart website.

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