Kmart shoppers are rushing to snap up this pet accessory: 'What more could you ask for?'

It's become one of the most popular pet accessories to hit stores.

Pet owners are racing to Kmart to score themselves a new must-have they are describing as an absolute essential for every cat and small-dog mum. Known for its amazing range of budget products across clothing, make-up and homewares, it appears the retailer is now upping its game in the pet department too.

Case in point: shoppers are flooding social media with rave reviews of the store’s $99 pet pram and there are a few reasons pet lovers think Kmart’s version is the best on the market.

“I finally got one of the pet strollers for my fur baby who struggles to walk long distances,” an impressed shopper wrote online.

Dog sits in a Kmart pet stroller (left) and the pet stroller on the Kmart website (right).
Super impressed Kmart shoppers said the pram was a must-have for small dog and cat owners. Photo: Facebook/Kmart

“He loved it! Easy to assemble, I love that it has the cup holders for us fur baby mumma’s and it pushes comfortably. Thumbs up Kmart.”

Dozens of others raved about it too with one saying they were “genuinely impressed” with it and another saying it was “well made and sturdy”. Apart from the price and quality, shoppers pointed out a few key features that other pet prams didn't compare on.


Pet pram praised for extensive features

First up, the pram has a three-in-one solution that converts from a stroller to a carrier and car seat. It also has built-in internal collar clips and a large storage basket underneath. But it’s the dual cup holders that sold it for most people.

“I love this thing so much… not only is it a full-on pram with cup holders and a storage basket underneath, but it’s also a car seat! Umm hello!! What more could you ask for?!” one reviewer wrote on the Kmart website.

A wide dog in a the stroller (left), a grey poodle (centre) and a cat (right).
Dozens of happy pet owners have proudly shared photos of their pets using the super affordable pet accessory. Photos: Facebook

“I definitely half expected this to be a bit flimsy but it’s actually super sturdy. It’s easy to assemble and my cat fits in perfectly... definitely worth the price,” another fan wrote.


But amongst the glowing reviews, one shopper pointed out that there was one thing to be mindful of.

“Be careful of the weight limit. It's only 8 kilos for the Kmart pet stroller. I know my dog is well over that,” she warned.

A dog wearing sunglasses sits in the stroller (left) and the stroller disassembled (right).
The stroller doubles as a carrier and a car seat too. Photo: Facebook/Kmart

"I don't like the pretty low weight limit... it's OK if you have a really small dog," added another with other pet owners saying they had also had to return it after their larger dog didn’t fit.

But if you have a smaller pooch or cat, it seems like this pram is a steal. Looks like Kmart has done it again!

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