Kmart shoppers rave about ‘very handy’ $3 kitchen gadget: ‘Everyone needs one!’

This simple addition to your sink can make life so much easier.

Kmart customers are raving about this $3 extendable colander. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Decor and Hakcs
Kmart customers are raving about this $3 extendable colander. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Decor and Hakcs

If there’s one thing Aussie householders love, it's finding those handy, cheap little items that make life a bit easier—and Kmart is full of them! The latest hack making a big splash with shoppers is a clever $3 kitchen gadget that can be used in a myriad of different ways and is being hailed as ‘perfect’ by those who’ve snapped it up.

So, what’s all the fuss about? It's a versatile plastic colander that extends to fit over your sink, originally designed for draining rice or rinsing vegetables. However, customers have ingeniously found a variety of other practical uses for it.


The buzz surrounding the utensil began when one enthusiastic member of the Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Facebook group shared her experience.

“This little handy-dandy thing extends over your sink either way," she explained, detailing the various ways she's discovered to use it beyond its intended purpose of straining vegetables.

"Extra draining tray in your small sink for cups, cutlery, baby bottles, etc. Peeling your vegetables into. Rinsing vegetables and fruit. Thawing items in, if you're having a barbecue, could fill it up with ice, putting ice in it... the list goes on.”

Woman is washing strawberry in the kitchen.
Kmart's colander keeps your fruit clean and off the sink bottom. Photo: Getty

"I have two," another member chimed in, "and they fit perfectly over my second sink."

“I'm gonna have to get a couple,” one group member exclaimed, followed by another enthusiastically declaring they, “Bloody love it.”

“Oh, I need one!” another said.

“Everyone needs one!” laughed someone else.

And for those wondering about its durability, especially when it comes to cleaning, one helpful comment put minds at ease: “Mine has gone through the dishwasher and it's fine.”


It’s not just the practicality that has everyone talking; it’s the price. “You could imagine my shock when I saw that it was only $3,” said a group member, summing up the general amazement at the value for money.

So, whether you need an extra draining tray, a vegetable rinsing station, or a party hack for your next BBQ, this extendable sink rack seems to do it all, and at $3, you can't afford not to!

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