Big Brother stars reveal behind the scenes secrets: 'Shocking'

Big Brother has been full of surprises this year, and Yahoo Lifestyle recently got the scoop on what really happens behind the scenes.

Housemates have revealed if they really hear Big Brother’s voice in the house, what the lighting is like and how production causes drama.

L: Big Brother housemates Taras and Gabbie stand before a challenge. R: Tully hugs Reggie as she cries
The Big Brother housemates have shared some secrets about the show. Photo: Seven

Jaycee Edwards was evicted early this week, and he spilled that the housemates don’t always hear the actual ‘showtime Big Brother’ voice while they’re in the house. Instead, there are producers that step in to talk to the housemates.

“It’s not always the same Big Brother. There’s people that take the ship. It’s always introduced as Big Brother, but it’ll be a different voice sometimes,” he said.

Elaborating further, he said that a producer would usually step in late at night to talk to the housemates, which is different from what we see on our screens.


The star also swore that drama over food and the shopping budget was real and told us that the housemates had a “hungry belly all the time.”

“It’s genuine. That’s how bad you want the shopping budget, you see the challenges and people were sacrificing their calls from home and their letters from home for $80 towards the shopping budget. That goes to show how hectic it is in there,” he explained.

L: Jaycee in a orange top in the Big Brother house. R: Gabbie smiles at Tim during a challenge
Jaycee and Gabbie have talked about how hungry the housemates are. Photo: Seven

Gabbie Keevill also admitted that some of the housemates were terrible at cooking, and had to be removed from the kitchen.

“Some people’s cooking was absolutely shocking. And bless them, they can be beautiful people obviously, but sometimes it was like you — come out of the kitchen,” she remembered.

There’s a popular Big Brother forum that Estelle Landy, Tully Smyth and Taras Hrubyj-Piper have been regularly posting in, and the three stars have been entertaining fans with information on living in the house.

Both Estelle and Taras described the lighting in the house as extremely bright, being closer to a ‘Bunnings’ than a normal house.

“It is a full on lighting rig up there. Scaffolding and lights and huge white reflectors,” Taras wrote.

Estelle admitted she can’t say much about production, but noted that “the bright overhead lights f**ked with me. The whole house was so much brighter [than my previous season].”

Big Brother housemate Estelle is annoyed at Tim
Estelle has revealed what it was like to live in the Big Brother house. Photo: Seven

When discussing the hilarious time Estelle hid Reggie Bird in the laundry to keep her from other housemates wanting to sway her vote, Tully spilled on why the location was key.

“There’s only one camera in the laundry. We’re not supposed to have conversations in there, from memory there’s only supposed to be one or two people in there at any one time,” Tully explained.

Taras also shared another tidbit from his time in the house, saying that he would hide in the cupboard just to listen to people’s strategic chats.

The star, who has been tipped to win by other players, also admitted that Big Brother was the ‘hardest thing’ he’s ever done in his life.

“I actually did not have much fun while on the show, it was SO stressful,” he told fans.

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