Big Brother star makes bold claim after elimination: 'Best social game'

There were tears galore during Monday night’s episode of Big Brother Royalty v New Blood, after three ‘best friends’ Jaycee Edwards, Aleisha Campbell and Johnson Ashak were nominated for eviction.

Gabbie Keevil and Tim Dormer were the masterminds behind the move which sent Jaycee home, getting revenge on the newbies for turning on Anthony Drew last week. Jaycee spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about who had the best social game, the biggest mistake the newbies made and why ‘Queen Reg’ is going to win.

Johnson Ashak, Jaycee Edwards and Aleisha Campbell sit in the Big Brother eviction chairs
Big Brother housemate Jaycee was sent home in an emotional eviction on Monday night. Photo: Seven

‘The best social game’

Although it seemed like there was quite a clear divide between the newbies and OGs, Jaycee makes a bold claim that he was close with all of the housemates and had the best social game.

“Me and Dave were really close, even me and Reg were close, Tully and I [as well]. I think I played one of the best social games and it was underrepresented on the show. There’s a reason why I was in the top 10,” he states.

“I had the least enemies in the house. I think every other housemate had way more enemies than me, or at least people gunning for them.”


The housemate explains that there were multiple feuds in the house, for example, Johnson didn't get along with Estelle or Dave, and Aleisha was heavily targeted by the OGs.

“I was more or less the person that people wanted in the house just to have around,” he adds. “I definitely thought I could win it, to be honest…there was just a series of unfortunate events that led me to the position I was in,” he continues.

Having to vote out one of his ‘best friends’ was difficult for Jaycee, and he said the eviction was very ‘intense’. The three newbies had come into the house together, with their alliance and bond being one of the strongest in the house — which is exactly why they were targeted.

Left: Jaycee sits in an orange shirt in the Big Brother house. Right: Gabbie Keevil in a grey t shirt smiles at Tim Dormer wearing a white t shirt during a Big Brother challenge.
Tim and Gabbie won the nomination challenge that resulted in Jaycee being evicted. Photo: Seven

‘We needed to get Tim out’

While Tim is a polarising housemate who isn’t afraid to speak his mind or make big moves — he still hasn’t been put up for nomination. Jaycee says that he was desperate to put Tim up, but nobody would listen to him.

“I was probably the number one person saying we needed to get Tim out for a long time, but everyone was like, ‘It’s not the right time. If we take our shot and miss, this will be bad for us’,” the musician explains.

“There was this big aura Tim had that you know, don’t put him up, don’t put him angry because if you get him angry he’s gonna do this.”

When looking back at his gameplay he believes he was too kind and wishes he made some more cut-throat moves.

“Everyone has morals, and everyone’s trying to be nice…you don’t even think about, this is a $250,000 move I’m making right now.”

“I probably could have just played the game and I wouldn’t have felt bad about it. I probably could have chucked Reg up [for eviction], I could have said some things differently.”

Johnson Ashak, Aleisha Campbell and Jaycee Edwards enter the Big Brother house
Johnson, Aleisha and Jaycee came into the house together and had a tight alliance. Photo: Seven

‘Queen Reg’

He doesn’t hesitate when asked who will take the title out, saying it’s definitely “Queen Reg”.

“She’s won before, and she’s got the story, she’s got the personality, and it’s just the whole package. I think Australia really resonates with that. Yeah, I think Reggie has the best chance. And I said that from when I stepped in the house,” he says.

“We all looked at Reggie as kind of the mum of the house, she was just so sweet and we all kind of just protected her and gave her so much love. No one wanted to put her up and no one wanted to evict her."

While Jaycee thinks Tim and Reggie are ‘beautiful people’, he doesn’t want an OG to win.

“They’ve won before, they’ve had that experience, they know what it’s like. I think it’s time for someone new,” he says.

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