Big Brother's Tully reveals her biggest fear returning to show

Influencer Tully Smyth has revealed what her ‘biggest fear’ was when returning for the latest Big Brother season.

The star admitted that she was worried about her body being ‘pulled apart on social media’, noting that it had been 9 years since she’d last competed on the show.

Right: Tully takes a photo of herself posing in the mirror wearing a blue bra, shirt and pants. Right: Tully hugs Reggie in the Big Brother house while she cries.
Big Brother housemate Tully has opened up about the pressure to look perfect. Photo: Instagram/tee_smyth & Seven

“I was so worried people would be talking about, ‘Oh my god, she’s put on weight, she’s fatter in the face, she’s aged, got lines on her face’,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. In her line of work as a social media influencer, she says the ‘pressure to be perfect’ can be really tough.

Although the star has many fans who adore everything she does, Tully is quick to say she’s no different just because she’s a celebrity, and still goes through "self-confidence and self-love issues every day.”


One of the hardest things she’s found when watching the show is not having ‘control’ over what parts of her are shown.

“It [has] been hard to see certain angles of me, I see me first thing in the morning and my bags are down near my nose and they’re dark, and my skin looks saggy,” she says. “With the social media images they supply us to help promote the show, I very rarely like any of them."

Right: Tully sits in the Big Brother diary room while wearing an oversized jumper. Right: Estelle, Reggie and Tully on the set of Big Brother.
The star talked about how hard it has been to watch herself on TV. Photo: Seven

After fellow housemate Jules Rangiheuea spilled on her Good B*tch Podcast that she wasn’t comfortable with her appearance on the show, Tully said that she found it ‘comforting’ knowing she wasn’t alone.

She tells us that she wants to share more of her ‘vulnerable’ side, saying that she’s working on “pulling back those layers and not always being so sparkly and shiny on Instagram, but showing real life, because real life is not always sparkly and shiny.”

‘Integrity, honesty, empathy’

Although Tully was evicted from the Big Brother house on Monday night, she doesn’t have any regrets with how she played the game this time.

“I held myself with integrity, honesty, empathy, I never lied to anybody, I stuck to my word and I stuck to my alliance,” she says proudly. “I also made friends and supported my newbie friends, I’m just so proud of how much I’ve grown over the last nine years.”

In reply to Jules’ comment that she was ‘under Drew’s thumb’ the whole time, she says the only thumb she’s under is Big Brother’s and would return in a heartbeat.

“I would always go back forever in a day. I’m never going to say no to Big Brother, he has me under his thumb! Big Brother, I’d do anything for that man. I’d go back again for sure,” she laughs.

Drew and Tully in a heated argument while in the Big Brother house
While Tully and Drew have a long history, she's adamant that she wasn't under his thumb. Photo: Seven

‘Fierce bloody game’

Fans were confused when Yahoo Lifestyle revealed Taras Hrubyj-Piper had been tipped to win by many evicted housemates, since he hasn’t had much airtime.

Tully echoes the sentiment, saying that Taras is playing a ‘fierce bloody game’, and points out that he’s yet to have a single point on him. Although he has been ‘coasting’ and flying under the radar, the housemate is now determined to make his mark.

“I think the first move Taras has made was to get rid of me. Fair play, well done,” she tells us.

The housemate also warns that she thinks Drew is in danger of being evicted next, saying that he believes he’s tight with the newbies, but that’s not the case.

Although her Big Brother journey is over for now, the star hasn’t written reality TV off yet and says she’d love to be on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! next.

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