Big Brother star sends strong warning to OG housemates: ‘Karma'

Big Brother housemate Estelle Landy survived yet another eviction on Wednesday night, after beating Brenton Parkes in an epic second chance challenge.

In a heartbreaking moment, the youngest housemate Gabbie Keevill was evicted, just one week after her best friend in the house Anthony Drew was blindsided. She spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about why the OGs need to watch their backs, the move that ‘devastated’ her, and how Estelle’s hesitation to back her was ‘heartbreaking’.

Big Brother housemate Gabbie and Brenton sit in the eviction chairs.
Big Brother housemate Gabbie was sent home on Wednesday night. Photo: Seven

‘Big Brother karma’

The new Big Brother format is all about the numbers, with alliances being more important than ever. Before Gabbie was sent packing, there was an even split: the OG alliance with Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer, Estelle and Gabbie, versus the newbie alliance with Aleisha Campbell, Brenton Parkes, Johnson Ashak and Taras Hrubyj-Piper.

However, both Estelle and Reggie flipped and voted Gabbie out, which the housemate believes was a massive mistake.

“I said in [the] eviction chair, if I go home, the next three sitting in these chairs will be all of the OGs, so it was very confusing for them to keep Brenton which didn’t make a lot of sense,” she starts.

“I feel like there’s Big Brother karma to say the least…it was definitely hard having to go home, and putting my game at risk so early on at the start by almost jumping ship to the OGs to then be sent home by them. Yeah, it’s definitely hard to come to terms with.”


Viewers have constantly pointed out that if an OG makes it to the end, they have a bigger fanbase and are more likely to win, something that Gabbie agrees with.

“If there’s an OG at the end, no newbie has a hope in absolute hell [to win]. Especially the ones that are left, feel as though they’ve gotten their hands awfully dirty and it’s really hard to wash that off,” she tells us.

It makes sense for the newbie strategy to now pick off the OGs one by one, with the only chance the returning housemates have is to win nomination challenges.

“The next people in those [eviction] chairs will be all OGs, guaranteed,” Gabbie says.

Left: Gabbie and Tim high five. Right: Tully and Gabbie hug.
Gabbie was extremely close with the OGs, and thinks Tim is the best player in the house. Photo: Seven


Tim had the opportunity to swap two people up for nomination, and instead of saving Gabbie he saved Johnson. It was part of his strategy to make sure Estelle would finally go home, which backfired spectacularly.

Gabbie wasn’t annoyed that Tim didn’t save her, but admits she was ‘devastated’, saying the OGs didn’t realise how much she ‘had their backs’.

“It was disappointing and devastating, but Tim’s a wildcard. Tim plays his own game. And even the way that he explains it, it makes sense,” she explains.

She actually praised Tim for his great gameplay, calling him the ‘best player’ in the house, and is in awe with how he’s gotten away without being nominated.

“I think it is a little bit of a fear tactic, because if you take a shot at Tim he will come back and fire it probably 10 times harder than you will.”

While the OGs are on the back foot with the numbers, she’s adamant that if Tim makes it to the end, he will walk away as the winner.

Left: Gabbie and Estelle are shocked in the Big Brother house. Right: Gabbie is shocked as Drew laughs.
Gabbie was extremely close with Estelle and Drew. Photo: Seven


The 22-year-old from NSW said she instantly bonded with the OGs because she was used to having older siblings, and they fell into that role easily.

“They were relaxed, they had done it before. They weren’t so focused on the strategy…it’s so cutthroat, and obviously having friends on either side, when the strategic ones would stab me in the back it would hurt,” she says.

“The OGs have had this experience and knowledge from before, and they would just calm me every time I’d freak out about it.”

Both Tully Smyth and Jules Rangiheuea have touched on a girls alliance, and Gabbie says she wanted one ‘so badly’.

When Estelle confessed in the backyard that she wasn’t sure if she would vote to evict Brenton or Gabbie, that knowledge stung.

“Knowing how close Estelle and I were, it was definitely heartbreaking when I didn’t know [if] she had my back completely,” she says.

“Estelle and I were really, really close in the house, so I kind of wanted Estelle to win [the second chance challenge]…I thought we’d both be kept in the game and that was so much better for [my game]. Obviously, there’s more games going on than just mine, so sadly, I wasn’t as safe as what I thought.”

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