Beauty and the Geek shocks with ‘incredible’ makeovers: ‘Speechless’

While this season of Beauty and the Geek has truly delivered on the awkward dates and behind-the-scenes gossip, every fan knows that the makeover episode is the best part of the show.

After Sam and Kiran shocked with their transformations last month, the four remaining geeks were each treated with a brand new look on Sunday night’s episode.

Josie looking shocked.
Josie was blown away by the results of George’s makeover. Photo: Channel 9


27-year-old George was the first geek to receive his makeover and he definitely shocked with his new appearance.

Sporting a new haircut, shaved face and much trendier outfit, the escape room game master was met with resounding applause when he was re-introduced.

George before and after.
Fans online have said that George now looks “totally hot”. Photos: Channel 9

“You look so good,” his beauty Josie, who was visibly shocked, exclaimed. “You look hot. You’re even standing so much more confident.”

George admitted that he felt “completely different”, adding that his change of look made him feel “so much younger” and “really good”.

While many fans online were also impressed with George’s “totally hot” makeover, others said it was expected.

“I’m pretty sure we all saw it coming with George,” one viewer wrote, with another adding, “George looked better before the makeover!”



Next up was 32-year-old Lachlan, who rocked a spray tan, haircut and clothes that definitely weren’t chosen by his mother post-transformation.

The beauties were very impressed with Lachy 2.0, with his beauty Keira saying she was “speechless” while former partner Josie said he now looked like a “bad boy”.

Lachlan before and after.
Lachlan was called a “bad boy” after receiving his makeover. Photos: Channel 9

“I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that I’ve walked out to a room of such beautiful girls and gotten a reaction like that,” the motorsports enthusiast commented. “Unbelievable”.

Twitter users deemed Lachlan’s new look as “super cute”, with many saying that he’s “such a beautiful person inside and out.”


While it only really took a haircut to clean up James’ appearance, his fellow contestants were still astounded with the 25-year-old’s makeover.

“You were always handsome, but now you’re just extra handsome,” his beauty Jess remarked before giving him a kiss.

James before and after.
Viewers labelled James’ new look as ‘sexy’ on social media. Photos: Channel 9

“I’m so happy with the look,” James announced. “Hopefully it just lets me be more confident. It’s going to be my new style, that’s for sure.”

As well as the show’s beauties calling James a “brunette Ryan Gosling”, viewers on social media added that he looks “damn sexy”.


Alexander was the final geek to receive a makeover, undergoing a full-body wax, shaved head and outfit change.

The 26-year-old math tutor was clearly chuffed with his new look, saying he feels “amazing”.

“It feels really good,” he added. “It feels like a great look and it’s just not the stuff I’ve ever worn before”.

Alex before and after.
Alex’s beauty Eliza says he now gives off “Justin Timberlake vibes”. Photos: Channel 9

As well as compliments from the other participants, his beauty Eliza said that his transformation was “insane”.

“He was so much more confident and giving off serious Justin Timberlake vibes,” she noted.

Fans online said that Alex was the geek they were most excited about seeing transformed, and they definitely weren’t disappointed.

“Alex looks so much better bald,” one person tweeted, while another labelled the new look, “a glow-up where you actually see the dude glowing with confidence.”

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