Beauty and the Geek's Sam unrecognisable after makeover: 'He's hot!'

Beauty and the Geek's Sam Ready was the second man to receive a makeover on the show on Sunday night after winning a challenge that saw him and Aira Charles pose as expectant parents.

The pairs had to work to convince other expectant parents in a pre-natal class that they were also about to become parents. The two most convincing teams would either win a date or a makeover.

Beauty and the Geek's Sam Ready before makeover
Beauty and the Geek's Sam Ready before his makeover. Photo: Nine

With the knowledge they could win a makeover, Sam and Aira were determined to win the challenge and went above and beyond with the geek saying he refused to leave the show without getting a makeover.

After finding out he'd be undergoing a huge transformation, Sam admitted he was nervous, but felt he had been using his hair to hide behind.


"My hair is a big part of my identity. I've always been called Napoleon Dynamite. I just have a cover of always joking, comedy all that stuff," he said.

"I can be quite shy I guess, when I struggle to work out what to say I can be lost for words."

Beauty and the Geek's Sam poses with photo of him before
Sam was unrecognisable after getting the makeover. Photo: Nine

In what was quite awkward viewing, Sam received a spray tan as the first part of his transformation which saw him stripping to a G-string and shower cap.

"Sam was practically naked and he was so embarrassed and was so red that you couldn't even see the tan when they started applying it," Aira told the cameras.

The hairstylist later joked, "I've got my work cut out for me!"

Back at HQ, Sophie asked what Aira was most excited to see after Sam's makeover and she responded, "I'm just hoping to see him really confident, I think that's the most important thing."

Beauty and the Geek stars see Sam's makeover
The group was shocked to see Sam after his makeover. Photo: Nine

When Sam walked through the doors the beauties and geeks were left shocked at his new look.

The 'fro was gone and he had a short haircut, his glasses had been replaced with contacts and his clothes were a far cry from his Napoleon Dynamite look.

"You look like a hotter Jonas brother," Sophie told him.

"He looks so good, he's hot!" Eliza added.

"I'd go on a date with him for sure," Kiera said, leaving Sam embarrassed.

When the mirror finally came out and Sam was able to see himself he was shocked.

Beauty and the Geek's Sam after his makeover
Sam appeared much more confident after the makeover. Photo: Nine

"Oh my God. I didn't think they could do that much with a makeover, but unreal," he said.

"It's hard to put into words, it was just a really fun experience," he told 9Entertainment. "Obviously I've had my hair cut before, but I'd never had my afro that big, and to have it all cut, it was a big deal."

"Aira was really blown away as well," he added. "Having that reaction made me feel just happiness. It was weird, but really good.

"I really like the look, and am going back for a touch up soon. I'm definitely going to keep the look for the time being, so it's not going anywhere."

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