Beauty and the Geek: George and Josie's awkward date: 'Are you crying?'

While some relationships on Beauty And The Geek soared, others stalled in last night's episode.

George and Josie started out strong, winning the Today Extra informercial challenge that saw the couples do their best to flog gizmos and gadgets like the Sumo slicer and Theragun.

Beauty and the Geek 2021 couple George and Josie hug
Beauty and the Geek couple George and Josie suffered an awkward missed kiss. Photo: Channel Nine.

Missed kiss

During their scene, the pair adopted 'husband and wife' characters and joked about their 'three kids,' earning them a one-on-one date to an axe-throwing range (George's choice).

The physical aspect of the date had Josie seeing her 'Geek' in a different light — "George throwing axes was a bit sexy," she admitted — and it seemed as though they might be growing closer over drinks.

"I really like you Josie," Dungeons and Dragons fan George nervously told professional dancer Josie.

"I like you too," she replied with a smile.


Beauty and the Geek 2021 couple George and Josie. Photo: Channel Nine.
The pair reacted slightly differently to the cringeworthy encounter. Photo: Channel Nine.

They each moved in for a hug but it seemed like wires were crossed at the last second and what could've been a romantic embrace ended up with George giving Josie an awkward kiss on the cheek.

Realising their blunder, the couple both broke into nervous laughter with Josie asking George if he was crying.

"Am I crying? It's fine, it's understandable," George quipped, clearly mortified.

They quickly wrapped up their date and, outside the venue, Josie explained that she "got scared and just continued the hug" when she realised that George was likely angling for a kiss.

George, however, focussed on the silver lining to what was a pretty cringeworthy encounter, saying, "The fact she didn't recoil was good."

Beauty and the Geek 2021 couples James and Jess Kiran and Bryanna kiss
Pucker up: Beauty and the Geek couples James and Jess and Kiran and Bryanna all got closer in last night's episode. Photo: Channel Nine.

Other couples had more success taking their relationships to the next level, with Kiran and Bryanna becoming the first pair to share a smooch this season.

Emboldened by his incredible makeover, Kiran surprised his 'Beauty' with a bunch of flowers which prompted Bryanna to go in for the kiss.

Fearing elimination, superhero cosplayer James summoned his bravery and asked Jess a very important question.

"I just want to ask, I really like you and if it's the last day we have to spend together can I kiss you?" he said.

It was a big yes from Jess and, luckily, the pair weren't sent home after all.

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