Beauty and the Geek: George Goldfeder's surprise acting past

He claims to spend most of his time cooped up in his bedroom playing fantasy roleplay games but Beauty and the Geek star George Goldfeder might not be so shy and nerdy in real life.

The 27-year-old 'escape room game master' has a surprise past as an actor, with a page on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and at least two short film credits to his name.

Beauty and the Geek contestant George Goldfeder wearing a watermelon-print shirt and jeans
Beauty and the Geek contestant George Goldfeder has a surprise past as an actor. Photo: Channel Nine.

Geek's surprise acting past

George, a professional Dungeons and Dragons player according to his BATG bio, played lead roles in Consequence and Painkiller, which were both shot in 2016.

Consequence saw George go shirtless in one scene while in Painkiller he played a metal bandmember called 'Thrasher'.

He's even had a slick headshot taken by a professional photographer who specialises in capturing 'actors, theatre agents and authors'.

Interestingly, his BATG bio also reveals that he 'dreams of one day becoming an action movie star' and is inspired by martial arts icons Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.


Beauty and the Geek contestant George Goldfeder's IMDb page
George's IMDb page includes two short film credits. Photo: IMDb.
Beauty and the Geek contestant George Goldfeder is shirtless in a still from the short film, Consequence. Photo: Consequence (directed by Peter Michael).
George went shirtless in the short film, Consequence, in 2016. Photo: Consequence (directed by Peter Michael).

'Unlikely geek'

In the show's premiere episode on Sunday night, George made a dramatic entrance wielding a pair of nunchucks which left his 'beauty,' 25-year-old dental receptionist Leticia Llanos speechless.

Despite George's bio stating that his romantic history was 'pretty minimal', the pair's instant chemistry was so palpable during the seal show challenge at Taronga Zoo that they were awarded a single date.

He chose to take Leticia to a martial arts gym where he was clearly in his element, showing off various impressive moves — along with his equally impressive biceps which didn't go unnoticed by Leticia.

This 'unlikely geek' taught himself to use nunchucks which he demonstrated in an Instagram video tribute to his 'greatest hero' Bruce Lee in 2016.

Beauty and the Geek contestant George Goldfeder using nunchucks. Photo: Instagram/sirgeorgathy.
The 'geek' is a huge fan of martial arts. Photo: Instagram/sirgeorgathy.

Fans of the show had mixed reactions to the news of George's foray into film which was revealed in an Instagram post by the podcast So Dramatic!.

"Noo this makes me so sad. He was one of my fave geeks," wrote one viewer in the comments.

"Oh that is so cheeky of Ch 9 to do that!" added another.

"It’s so fake! They make them grow out their hair and beards," accused a third.

Others weren't so concerned with George's acting past.

"He did a couple of student films but participates in regular dungeons and dragons podcasts, goes to comic cons etc. can he not be both a geek and someone who did student films?" asked one fan.

"Yeah but who cares, all reality shows are scripted/edited & 99% of the population knows," argued another.

Channel Nine has been contacted for comment.

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