Bachelorette’s Konrad unveils brand new look after hair transformation

He became well known for his peroxide blond hair during his appearance on last year’s season of The Bachelorette, and now Konrad Bien-Stephen has wowed fans on social media with his dramatic hair transformation.

The 31-year-old, who has been in an open relationship with fellow reality TV star Abbie Chatfield since November last year, took to Instagram on Saturday to debut his brand new look.

The Bachelorette's Konrad Bien-Stephen before and after his hair transformation.
The Bachelorette’s Konrad Bien Stephen has unveiled his dramatic hair transformation. Photos: Channel Ten / Instagram/konrad.bien

Konrad swapped out his blond locks for a much shorter brunette ‘do thanks to hairstylist Darren Summors.

“You are an absolute weapon @darrensummors the haircut isn’t bad either,” he captioned a mirror selfie showing off his fresh appearance.


The carpenter also shared a series of posts on his Instagram Stories documenting the makeover, saying that he was “obsessed” with the new look.

“Absolutely smashed it thank you so much legend,” he wrote, once again tagging the stylist.

The Bachelorette's Konrad Bien-Stephen before and after his hair transformation.
Konrad said he is ‘obsessed’ with his new look. Photos: Instagram/konrad.bien

It didn’t take long for Konrad’s followers to take to the comments on his latest post and praise his new haircut.

“Ugh yes please,” Carla From Bankstown wrote, followed by someone else who added, “It’s a YESSS!!”

“Gorg,” a third replied, while Abbie simply commented, “Vibes”.

Meanwhile, a couple people shared suggestions about what his next hairstyle should be.

“Looks good now some blonde bits would just take to the next level good!” a fan commented.

“I like the blonde streaks when u have them,” a different user said.

Konrad Bien-Stephen and Abbie Chatfield.
Konrad’s girlfriend Abbie Chatfield simply commented ‘vibes’. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

‘I finally rooted someone’

Konrad’s latest post comes shortly after his partner Abbie shared an update on their relationship and revealed that she finally had sex with someone else.

Speaking on her podcast It’s A Lot, the Masked Singer panelist made the admission after previously saying she had been too busy.

“I finally rooted someone which is nice, good for me. I mean, it was nice that's all I'm going to say,” she said. “I'm not going to give any more details than that because I'm panicked about what I'm going to say.”

The couple first announced they were in an open relationship back in February, explaining that they are “open sexually but not emotionally”.

The “basic rules” detail that they can’t sleep with someone that they’ve had sex with before, they can’t sleep with their friends, and they can’t sleep with the same person more than once unless they speak about it beforehand.

Konrad said at the time that he feels “confident” about the evolution of their relationship because he’s “still in love and obsessed” with Abbie after having sex with someone else.

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