Abbie Chatfield's open relationship confession: 'Finally did it'

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Abbie Chatfield has revealed she has finally had sex with somebody other than her boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephen after the pair revealed they were in an open relationship.

Speaking on her It's A Lot podcast, the Masked Singer star made the admission after previously saying she had been too busy.

"I finally rooted someone which is nice, good for me. I mean, it was nice that's all I'm going to say," she said.

"I'm not going to give any more details than that because I'm panicked about what I'm going to say."

Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephen.
Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephen announced their open relationship earlier this year. Source: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

The reality TV golden couple announced they were in an open relationship earlier this year, saying they were "open sexually but not emotionally".

“I’ve never been in an open relationship before, but it’s something I want to explore and I want to navigate and I want to learn,” Konrad said.

The “basic rules” detail that they can’t sleep with someone that they’ve had sex with before, they can’t sleep with their friends, and they can’t sleep with the same person more than once unless they speak about it beforehand.

“Monogamy isn’t important to me but honesty is, so we tell each other things,” she said.

“It’s about betrayal. If you’re allowed to f**k someone it isn’t cheating, but you can cheat on me if you f**ked an ex-girlfriend.”


Abbie added that she and Konrad, who currently live in different states, plan on seeing a sex therapist or couple therapist to openly discuss their boundaries so they can make this work.

While it was revealed Konrad had had sex with somebody else, Abbie was yet to take the plunge.

“I wanted to and I still want to, but the issue is Konrad is the only one that seems to be able to get laid around here,” she said on her radio show Hot Nights with Abbie earlier this year.

“I’m over it… I’m so busy and also I find it really hard to find people I want to sleep with and that don’t know who I am. And when I go out people just take photos of me the whole time."

Earlier this month she also revealed on her podcast she and Konrad had not had sex for three-and-a-half weeks.

"We've only had one night together where I'm not working or we're not away from each other, and that was last night," she said.

"But I've also not really been masturbating either. I've been having a really hard time with libido. I was talking to my therapist because I was like, 'Oh my god, does that mean I don't actually have feelings for Konrad?' Which I do obviously!

"It's not Konrad, it's like I can't be f***ed [having sex]. And also my UTI issues, I'm like, 'I really can't be bothered with this. I don't have time to have a UTI [urinary tract infection]."

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