Abbie Chatfield shares video ‘sobbing’ as Konrad says he loves her

Almost one month after making things Instagram official, Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephen have taken their relationship to the next level and declared their love for one another.

The I’m A Celebrity champion shared a video on social media on Tuesday documenting the sweet moment that Konrad took her to a drive-in cinema - which she says has always been her “life dream” - and opened up about his feelings for her.

Konrad Bien-Stephen and Abbie Chatfield.
Konrad Bien-Stephen and Abbie Chatfield have declared their love for one another. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Abbie explained on her podcast, It’s A Lot, that she’s always wanted to attend a drive-in cinema because of her “two favourite movies of all time”, Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and even tried to get The Bachelor producers to make it her hometown date when she was on the show in 2019.

“Reminder to never settle,” she captioned the post on Instagram. “Gone from years of gaslighting to having the purest angel on the planet.”


The video features a series of clips of the cute couple preparing for the event, including Konrad putting a mattress on the back of his ute, buying snacks at the supermarket and arriving at Village Cinemas Coburg Drive-In in Melbourne.

“Here is a sappy little TikTok to show you how my boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time!” she said in the voice over.

Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephens at the drive-in cinema.
Konrad surprised Abbie with a date at the drive-in cinema in Melbourne. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“So on my podcast, I always say how I want to go to the drive-in movies and no one’s ever taken me, and he listened to my podcast, heard this and surprised me with the drive-in movies,” she explained.

“When we arrived I started sobbing, like, full-on sobbing. It’s just like, this man treats me so much better than I thought anyone ever would and is the most thoughtful, beautiful little angel on the planet. I never thought I’d ever find someone like him.”

Abbie continued: “Then he was like, ‘You know why I did this?’, and I was like, ‘Why?’, and he was like, ‘Because I love you’. It was very cute. We then made out and I fell asleep. No idea what the movie was, but had a great time, to be honest.”

The Love Island Afterparty host revealed on her podcast that she was “dying” to tell Konrad that she loved him and planned on saying it that night, but he beat her to it.

She also shared that she is planning on bringing Konrad home to Brisbane for Christmas to meet her mum for the very first time.

Abbie’s sweet post comes shortly after she apologised to Brooke Blurton for ‘hard-launching’ her relationship with Konrad the day before The Bachelorette finale.

“It was neglectful timing but it definitely was not preplanned,” she said on her podcast. “There’s a narrative going around that I must have preplanned it to get more attention. But I just want to be clear: a friend of mine was uploading stories of us kissing at lunch because we were, you know, in love. But obviously, I do apologise.

“It was not preplanned but it was absolutely neglectful, it was absolutely naive. It is something that I hope I will never do again, I will endeavour to never do that again.”

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