Bachelor star Matt Agnew teases huge transformation: 'Take it all off'

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He's been cultivating a lush head of hair for over two years now but former Bachelor, Dr. Matt Agnew is about to undergo another major transformation.

The 34-year-old reality TV star tells Yahoo Lifestyle why he's decided to chop off his shoulder-length locks — even if it might make him look "a bit silly".

Matt was clean-cut and bespectacled during his days as The Bachelor in 2019. Photo: Channel 10.
Dr. Matt Agnew was clean-cut during his days as The Bachelor in 2019. Photo: Channel 10.

Great lengths

Matt was barely recognisable in mid-2021 when he emerged from lockdown with tousled, chin-length locks, a far cry from the short back and sides he'd sported as the Bachelor in 2019.

Today Matt's thick mane falls just past his shoulders — but not for much longer. The self-professed 'space nerd' is taking part in this year's World's Greatest Shave to raise awareness of blood cancer in Australia and funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Now that he's gotten through the 'awkward' hair growth phase, however, Matt's date with the clippers is bittersweet.

"Funnily enough [my hair] is just starting to look semi good and now I'm ready to take it off," he laughs.


Former Bachelor star Matt Agnew was barely recognisable during his TV return. Photo: Channel Nine.
Matt was barely recognisable on the Today show in 2021. Photo: Channel Nine.

His friends and family, on the other hand, are happy to see the back of it.

"Definitely the detractors have been firmly against it the entire time so for them it's is a bit of, 'Oh, thank goodness, I'm so glad you're finally getting a haircut,'" Matt says.

So just how much hair is getting the chop?

"I haven't locked in anything yet but the plan will be to take it down pretty short," Matt reveals. "I've got that mentality of 'Do it once do it, right' so I think if I'm going to shave my head it's going to be really, really short, the Bruce Willis noggin' look."

Matt has plans for his beard, too.

"I think everything will come off, I think we'll go full baby's bum," he chuckles. "I'm going to take it all off and probably regret it for a day or two and then remember that it's for a great cause [...] I'm looking forward to looking a bit silly."

The Bachelor 2019 star Matt Agnew wearing a suit with his long brown hair out. Photo: supplied.
Matt's bidding goodbye to his long hair for a good cause. Photo: supplied.

Personal connection

Matt tells Yahoo Lifestyle that getting involved with the World’s Greatest Shave and the Leukaemia Foundation is a cause close to his heart because one of his cousins and a friend's mother have both battled blood cancer.

"This is an initiative where I can use a platform that I've been really lucky and gifted with to try and raise awareness and funds," he explains.

Matt also had the 'confronting yet humbling' opportunity to meet with nine-year-old Noah who was diagnosed with blood cancer three years ago. The pair bonded over their love of space and Matt was floored by the youngster's brave and bubbly personality.

"It's something that really just hits you, seeing someone who's lived so much of the spectrum of life at such a young age, and to still be so brimming with energy and happiness.

"It's an experience that I really do treasure and value and I'm really grateful I had the opportunity to meet Noah and his family."

The Bachelor 2019 star Matt Agnew wears a World's Greatest Shave t-shirt while chatting with a young boy. Photo: supplied.
Matt and Noah, 9, chatted about space. Photo: supplied.

Despite the flurry of attention his long hair debut attracted last year Matt maintains he wasn't trying to 'go incognito' by changing up his appearance.

But is he expecting to turn heads just as much with his latest transformation?

"I'll probably be more recognisable in the sense that I'll resemble the look that the Australian public is more familiar with," he says.

"I guess the clean-shaven short-haired look is how the majority of people still picture me. I mean, saying that it's been what, nearly three years [since The Bachelor]? I'm always surprised I get recognised at all."

The big question is whether or not the cover shoot for his upcoming book — all about life on earth and beyond — will take place pre- or post-shave.

"I'm letting the marketers decide what needs to be done!" he says.

You can read more and donate to Matt on his World's Greatest Shave fundraising page.

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