Bachelor Matt Agnew unrecognisable on Today show

The Bachelor star Matt Agnew was barely recognisable during his first major TV appearance in a long while. How long, you ask?

Well, long enough to see his hair grow almost to his shoulders.

Former Bachelor star Matt Agnew wearing a white shirt on the Today Show
Former Bachelor star Matt Agnew was barely recognisable during his TV return. Photo: Channel Nine

Bachie's new look

The 32-year-old astrophysicist stopped by the Today Extra set on Thursday to chat with hosts David Campbell and Belinda Russell about NASA's first helicopter flight on Mars.

While his dating show days may be over, a cheeky David couldn't help but introduce his guest as "Australia’s most eligible astrophysicist," causing Matt to blush.

Not that viewers would've noticed that much — their focus was more likely on Matt's lockdown transformation.


Matt Agnew wearing a blue suit and red rose print tie on set of The Bachelor in 2019
Matt was clean-cut and bespectacled during his days on The Bachelor in 2019. Photo: Channel 10

Gone were the three-piece suits, thick black glasses and clean-cut 'do that became his 'geek-chic' trademark back in 2019, and in their place were shaggy brown locks and an artfully rumpled white button-up shirt.

Matt later shared a clip from his chat to his Instagram account, prompting one fan to remark in the comments: "Dr Matt, I just saw you on Today. I had to blink twice and I almost didn't recognise you."

After taking the hosts through the technical aspects of NASA's historical achievement, Matt fielded a few more personal questions.

"Before you go, quickly, how long will you grow your hair?" David enquired earnestly.

Matt Agnew patting a brown horse in a paddock
The astrophysicist was rocking a man bun back in February. Photo: Instagram/drmattagnew

"I'm thinking I potentially go shoulder length," Matt laughed. "I've got past that really awkward uncomfortable stage, so I've got to just push."

He's clearly dedicated to growing his mane and was even spotted sporting a man bun in a snap he uploaded to his Instagram back in February.

Belinda followed up with the question everyone really wanted to know: what is his current relationship status?

"I am single, yes," Matt replied.

Matt's last public relationship was with Chelsie McLeod who he fell in love with on The Bachelor. Sadly, the lovebirds announced their split just six weeks after the show's finale.

Since then, Matt has kept a fairly low profile, spending time with his family, his dog Pluto and lending his voice to various mental health campaigns and charities.

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