Bachelor’s Alex Nation slams trolls who criticised her post-baby body

Almost six months after welcoming her second child into the world, Alex Nation has clapped back at trolls who criticised her post-baby body for not being “real".

The reality TV star, who won The Bachelor in 2016 and later appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, had shared a gallery of photos of herself on social media last week posing in lingerie.

Bachelor's Alex Nation posing in lingerie.
Bachelor star Alex Nation has slammed haters who criticised her post-baby body. Photos: Instagram/alexandranation

While she was sent enormous praise from fans online for her appearance, she also received some negative comments from people saying: “Your postpartum body isn’t real”.

Alex took to Instagram on Tuesday to respond to the hate and shared a post explaining that she wasn’t mad or hurt, but instead “a little bothered”.

“The amount of negative/nasty comments and private messages that I have received about my body is disappointing,” she wrote.

“I’m disappointed that in 2022 women are still picking apart each other’s appearances. Still shaming each other for being too thin, too fat, too muscly, too curvy.”

The mother of two went on to say that her body is still healing after carrying her son for nine months, experiencing significant mental and physical change, and giving birth in August.

“I bleed almost every day,” she shared. “I have significant rectal/bowel function issues, I see a pelvic floor physiotherapist, it hurts to have sex with my partner. This is my body, my postpartum body.

“Because I look a certain way, does this mean my postpartum journey is less than? It’s not valid?

“It breaks my heart that there is so much focus on how a person’s body looks after they have given birth rather than their mental health and general wellbeing.”

Bachelor's Alex Nation and her son Maxwell Keegan Jory.
Alex gave birth to her son Maxwell Keegan Jory in August 2021. Photo: Instagram/alexandranation

It didn’t take long for Alex’s followers to leave comments on her post praising her for speaking up and sharing her story.

“Yesssss to this,” Jackie ‘O’ Henderson wrote, followed by someone else who said, “Thank you for sharing. Everyone’s journey is so unique, but it’s hard to remember that”.


“You shouldn’t even have to write these words, but thank you for doing so and advocating on behalf of other women,” another added. “I can’t believe anyone thinks it’s EVER okay to comment on a woman’s body!”

“We should be so proud we can grow and give birth to a baby!” a fourth remarked.

The Block’s Tanya Guccione also re-shared the post on her Instagram Story, writing: “Alex is on the money but also should never have to share or justify her journey to anyone. It’s holy and sacred and can be honoured in a way that suits her and her alone.”

Alex first announced the birth of her son Maxwell Keegan Jory back in August 2021, describing his entrance into the world as “intense and beautiful”.

She also shares an 11-year-old son, Elijah, with her ex-husband.

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