The Bachelor fans go nuts for Matt Agnew's 'Tarzan' transformation snap

The Bachelor's Matt Agnew has undergone a huge hair transformation in the last year or so with the astrophysicist sending fans wild after sharing a photo of himself looking like 'Tarzan' according to some followers.

The 34-year-old shared the shirtless snap of himself, showing off his ripped physique and Tarzan locks. The former reality star also sported a beard that he didn't have when he was on the dating show.

The Bachelor's Matt Agnew's 'Tarzan' snap
The Bachelor's Matt Agnew has taken to Instagram to share a hot shirtless snap with fans suggesting he looks like 'Tarzan'. Photo: Instagram/Matt Agnew

"It's a beautiful day," Matt captioned the snap, with many fans agreeing.

"Damn straight it is," one user commented with a fire emoji.


"When a fella has a better hairdo than me," another joked.

"Totally Tarzan vibes," a third added, with another agreeing, "Massive Tarzan vibes."

"My Apple Watch just told me to breathe," someone else joked.

Matt Agnew clean-cut selfie
Matt looks very different to his usual clean-cut self. Photo: Matt Agnew

"Ummmm okay now you can teach me science," one wrote.

"Might I suggest warning a person before you post? I just about fell out of bed," another follower joked.

"Um Tarzan, is that you?" yet another wrote.

"I can 100% understand why Abbie [Chatfield] couldn't keep her hands off him..." one user wrote.

"Ok the nerdy Tarzan aesthetic was something I didn't know I needed but I'm glad it exists now," someone added.

Matt Agnew man bun
Matt's been growing his hair since lockdown first kicked off. Photo: Instagram/Matt Agnew

Many others suggested he looked like Jesus in the snap while some questioned how he took care of his hair.

During an appearance on Today Extra last month, host David Campbell asked him how long he's going to grow his hair to which Matt responded, "I'm thinking I potentially go shoulder length."

He laughed, "I've got past that really awkward uncomfortable stage, so I've got to just push."

Belinda Russell followed up asking if Matt was in a relationship and he told the hosts, "I am single, yes."

Matt and his chosen lady Chelsie McLeod sadly split six weeks after the show's finale aired.

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