Why former Bachelor Sam Wood won’t appear on SAS anytime soon

Sam Wood has become well known for his work in the fitness industry since starring on The Bachelor in 2015, launching Australia’s #1 home fitness program ‘28 by Sam Wood’ and recently starting his new podcast The Wood Life to help everyday Australians become the best versions of themselves.

And while he may be the perfect person to appear on the popular military training show SAS Australia, having both a public profile and a passion for fitness, fans shouldn’t expect him to follow in the footsteps of fellow Bachelor alumni Nick Cummins, Ali Oetjen, Locky Gilbert and Anna Heinrich anytime soon.

Sam Wood smiling.
Sam Wood says there's a major reason why he hasn't competed on SAS Australia yet. Photo: Supplied

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle, Sam opened up about his favourite reality TV shows - “I’m a bit of a sucker for The Voice” - and why he hasn’t competed on SAS yet.

I don’t know, maybe one day,” he said. “I think for me it's not, ‘Would you want to do that?’, because the answer to that is absolutely.

"It’s, ‘Do you want to go away for 10 weeks now when you've got a pregnant wife and a two-year-old and a four-year-old?’, and the answer that is just no. For me, it's purely a family decision, no other decision other than that.

“I’d be very lucky if they would have me whenever that time might be. I'd love to be on the show when the time is right but I just don't want to be away from my girls right now.”

The 41-year-old, who is soon to be a father of four, went on to reveal that he has received “plenty of offers” for reality TV gigs over the years but he’s always declined for family reasons.

“Some of them it's like, ’No I don't think that's for me'. Others it’s more because they’re filmed in Sydney and they're filmed for long periods of time and then there's Covid and all these other considerations,” he added.


“But I think the right opportunity at the right time, if it could be balanced with my work and my family life sensibly, I'd like to do it for sure. I love the business side of things like Celebrity Apprentice," he continued, before joking that he’d be a “horrific dancer” if he ever appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

Sam also admitted he felt inspired watching his mate Nick Riewoldt compete on Celebrity MasterChef last year, and believes that his partner Snezana would “kick-ass” on Survivor.

“Snez would love to go on Survivor. She's so much mentally and physically tougher than I am,” he said.

Sam Wood and his wife Snezana Wood.
Sam says his wife Snezana would ‘kick-ass’ on Survivor. Photo: Instagram/snezanawood

While fans might have to wait a while to see Sam’s return to reality TV, they can currently tune in to his new podcast The Wood Life where he answers listeners’ health, fitness and lifestyle questions alongside Australia’s leading experts.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” he says. “It just feels right.

“It feels like a really nice medium to be involved with where I can be myself, use my knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry, but also learn a lot from other people and then share those learnings with our listeners. We’re trying to make the whole podcast a very interactive experience with our listeners.

“They can click on links and send us through voice recordings of real questions of things that they've always been confused about, whether it be nutrition or training or mental health or sleep.”

Sam also explains that he sees his podcast as an extension of his already-established work in the fitness industry and hopes to spread important messages to a much larger audience.

“It's amazing how you just get asked the same questions over and over again about food and calories and training,” he says.

“It’s a bloody confusing minefield out there and no one knows what's true. So debunking those myths and helping people sort of navigate through what's BS and what's actually beneficial, and hopefully making listeners feel like The Wood Life is a voice that they can trust, is what we're hoping to achieve.”

You can listen to The Wood Life on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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