Bachelor Jimmy reveals how production ensured he didn’t have sex

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Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson has detailed how the show’s production company prevented him from having sex with contestants before the final rose ceremony.

The 31-year-old pilot said that Warner Bros. Australia hired two ‘minders’ to stick by his side during the entire experience.

Bachelor Jay and Jimmy kissing.
Jimmy says that there were people on set who made sure he didn’t have sex. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy told Kyle and Jackie O that because of this, he wasn’t able to sneak away from the Bach Pad to have a secret rendezvous with any of the women.

“I was under lock and key. I had a minder with me the whole time,” he revealed.

He also added that the furthest he ever went with a contestant was kissing, because there were always cameras around.


The Bachelor went on to say that the pair of ‘minders’ were like “hired friends” who he actually ended up forming a strong bond with.

“We just played tennis, we’d chat,” he said. “It was actually really good to have someone in there that you could chat to about everything.

“I was pretty open with them, they’ll be my good mates for life. I just told them everything.”

Bachelor Jimmy with his motorbike.
Jimmy says that he ended up becoming good friends with his ‘minders’. Photo: Channel 10

So far, fans of the dating show have watched Jimmy kiss seven different women: Brooke, Lily, Ash, Carlie, Jay, Holly and Stephanie.

However, recently eliminated contestant Tatum admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle that she and Jimmy kissed but it wasn’t shown on TV.

In what she described as “one of those iconic couch scenes with heaps of candles”, Tatum said the pair made cocktails together and were able to improve their connection.

“We did kiss, he did the whole, ‘lean over and grab the rose’, and I received a rose which was really nice,” she admitted.

Bachelor's Tatum.
Tatum says that she kissed Jimmy but it didn’t make it to air. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy’s confession about the show’s minders comes shortly after Channel 10 made a huge change to The Bachelor’s time slot, airing back to back episodes last Thursday and again this week.

It was speculated that the change was so the network could push out as many episodes of the dating series ASAP due to its record-low ratings.

Jimmy’s premiere episode received only 482,000 viewers, which is a large drop from Bachelor Locky Gilbert’s premiere seen by 681,000 people last year.

However, Channel 10 have said that both time slots were always planned to be double episodes.

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