Bachelor frontrunner Holly Kingston exposed as an actress

Holly Kingston emerged as a frontrunner on Wednesday night’s premiere of The Bachelor, charming Jimmy as she whisked him away to an impromptu wine bar she had set up to obtain some alone time.

However, it didn’t take long for it to be revealed that the 27-year-old is an actress with experience in another Australian TV series.

Holly on the Bachelor.
Bachelor star Holly previously acted in an ABC drama series. Photo: Channel 10

Holly acted in nine episodes of the ABC show Ready for This in 2015, playing the role of Alice.

The drama followed a group of elite teens from around Australia moving to a Sydney hostel to follow their dreams.


As well as her TV performance, Holly is referred to as an actress a number of times in her Instagram tagged photos.

The reality TV star currently works as a marketing manager for the designer fashion boutique FOX & DOVE, according to her LinkedIn profile.

It’s also listed that she received an Associate Diploma in Performing (Speech and Drama) from Trinity College London in 2010.

Holly's Instagram.
Holly is referred to as an actress in a number of Instagram photos. Photo: Instagram/optiquebarangaroo

Several betting agencies have unveiled their predictions of who will win season nine of the dating show, with Holly listed as a clear frontrunner.

After episode one, Sportsbet has tipped Holly’s odds to win at $1.50, followed by crane operator Lily Price at $7 and occupational therapist Brooke Cleal at $10.

TAB has also forecasted that Holly will win the show at $1.10, with speech pathologist Ashleigh Freckleton coming in second place at $8 and nutritionist Jacinta ‘Jay’ Lal at $9.

Holly and Jimmy.
Holly is the series' frontrunner after episode one. Photo: Channel 10

Holly made quite the impression on Jimmy in episode one when she created her own one-on-one style date on the red carpet.

“Having this little sit down with Holly, it’s flirty, it’s fun,” Jimmy said. “The chemistry is definitely there.”

The 31-year-old pilot previously told Yahoo Lifestyle that his chosen lady definitely made a strong impression at the start of filming, which only progressed throughout the show.

“I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight,” he confessed.

“I think lust at first sight exists where you find someone really attractive, and that's really important, but if you're looking at someone who you actually want to end up with as a partner, there are so many other levels you need to be compatible on for it to work.

“I definitely noticed her early on, but towards the end I knew she was the one for me. And since we finished filming and having spent a fair bit of time with her in secret, it’s really confirmed that for me as well.

“I think that's the true test; when you get out, cameras are off and you see what you’re like with each other. She’s amazing and we're both really, really happy.”

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