Bachelor star says Jimmy was ‘terrified’ of her: ‘I’m a loveable villain’

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Between her fart jokes and hilarious honesty - like when she admitted she’s “definitely had chlamydia” - Sierah Swepstone was undoubtedly one of the highlights from this season of The Bachelor.

The 28-year-old continued providing TV gold right up until her exit from the show on Thursday night when she described herself as a “tall, horny bogan” that Jimmy missed out on.

Bachelor's Sierah and Jimmy.
Sierah says that Jimmy was “terrified” of her when they first met. Photo: Channel 10

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle, Sierah opened up about her time on the reality show and shared her frank opinion on Bachelor Jimmy.

“He never blew my socks off and I'm sure he thought the same about me,” she admits.

“I think he was definitely scared of me when he first met me. Terrified actually, I definitely would have eaten him alive.”


Sierah says she was surprised to not receive a rose from Jimmy after their one-on-one chat where she “tried to charm the pants off of him”, however, she never expected to win the show.

“I honestly didn't really think that I would last much longer,” she adds. “Nothing was happening, but I was just happy being there and enjoying the experience.

“We did have some good chats, but there was just never really a romantic vibe there. I never really wanted to rip his clothes off or anything like that.”

Bachelor's Sierah and Jimmy on a group date.
Sierah admits that there was never a romantic vibe between herself and Jimmy on the show. Photo: Channel 10

Despite leaving The Bachelor in week four, Sierah made a strong impression on viewers who celebrated her online.

“It honestly feels so good,” she says about the fan support.

“I wasn't feeling too confident before it aired. I was really over-analysing things, I thought it wasn't that great, I didn’t give much content, but I've just come out with so much stuff. I was on fire the entire season so I’m so stoked.”

While it would be easy to put Sierah in the category of ‘reality TV villains’ for her brutal honesty and quirky personality, she says that she managed to flip the stereotype.

“I was definitely a loveable villain,” she laughs. “I was really cocky though. I was like, ‘good luck at making me the villain, everybody loves me ha ha!’.

“I'm super happy with how I came across in my edit, I always thought I would get a funny one. It’s not even my edit really, that’s just me.”

Bachelor's Sierah.
Sierah calls herself a ‘loveable villain’. Photo: Channel 10

After delivering so many iconic one-liners, Sierah says there’s one joke that she’s “really disappointed” didn’t make the cut.

“When I first jumped into the car after being sent home, I said, ‘Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably shit’,” she confesses.

“That just would’ve been poetic justice to start the season on a fart joke and end the season on a fart joke.”

While her time on The Bachelor was cut short, she says she would “100%” be keen to join the show’s spin-off series Bachelor In Paradise in the future.

“I would love to do that!” she exclaims. “I think the second time around doing a reality TV show would be more relaxing, you’d be able to enjoy it a lot more just because you would know what to expect.

“I kind of realised that it's actually just okay to be me because people love that.”

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