Bachelor’s Tatum reveals secret moment that didn’t air: ‘We did kiss’

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The Bachelor’s Tatum Hargraves caused quite a stir on Wednesday night’s episode of the reality show; calling out fellow contestant Holly Kingston in front of Jimmy’s family members and then shocking everyone when she decided to leave during the cocktail party.

However, there’s one major moment in the 27-year-old’s Bachelor journey that didn’t make it to air - her date and subsequent kiss with Jimmy.

Bachelor's Tatum.
Tatum says that she kissed Jimmy but it didn’t make it to air. Photo: Channel 10

Fans saw Tatum was awarded a rose after impressing Jimmy and his friend Fin on the surfing group date last week, but they didn’t see that she actually received one-on-one time.

“Honestly, I expected a little bit more of my air time to be shown,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.


In what she describes as “one of those iconic couch scenes with heaps of candles”, Tatum says the pair made cocktails together and were able to improve their connection on the date.

“I was sitting a bit far away from Jimmy on the couch so I think that's maybe why it didn’t make it to air,” she laughs.

“We did kiss, he did the whole, ‘lean over and grab the rose’, and I received a rose which was really nice.”

Bachelor beach group date.
Tatum received one-on-one time after impressing Jimmy in the surfing group date. Photo: Channel 10

While Tatum acknowledges she enjoyed the date and the ability to “go beneath the surface” with Jimmy, she had doubts about their connection.

“I thought in my head, do I feel something here or am I getting caught up in this process?” she admits. “I didn't want to sit there and try and make myself believe that I was feeling something that I wasn’t.”

It didn’t take long for her to come to the conclusion that she wanted to end things between herself and Jimmy at the cocktail party and leave the show.

“By this point, I’d been there for almost six weeks and I felt like I knew that my feelings weren't progressing,” she explains. “When I first met Jimmy, I didn't feel the instant spark that I was hoping for but I still wanted to get to know him and see if anything could grow over time.

“I pretty much just sat him down and said, this is where I’m at, I’m leaving tonight. We had a really good conversation and he handled it really well.

“I definitely was stressed about it all, but I was honestly hanging to go home. I was just like, I want to go home.”

Bachelor's Tatum and Jimmy.
Jimmy said that he was ‘blindsided’ by Tatum’s decision to leave the show. Photo: Channel 10

As well as Jimmy being ‘blindsided’ by her decision, her close friends in the mansion also had no idea she was leaving.

“I genuinely left, nobody knew it was coming,” Tatum said.

“Jimmy sort of just walked me to the end and then I walked out, and then Laura kind of ran after me and then she was told to go back. So I didn’t even hug her goodbye and I had to keep walking. So dramatic!”

Bachelor's Steph and Stevie looking shocked.
Tatum’s friends were told that they couldn’t hug her when she left. Photo: Channel 10

The company director went on to clarify the reason she didn’t want any of the other women in the mansion to know about her departure was in case it got back to Jimmy.

"Everything spreads really fast in there and I didn't want to gossip,” she details.

“And at the end of the day, I had my own separate relationship with him and I got to know him and we'd been on a date, and I felt like he deserved some respect and to understand where I was coming from.”

Despite the drama, Tatum says she had a “really good” experience on the show and loved her entire journey.

“It had its highs and lows but I found some really great friendships with the girls as well. Obviously, you don't get to see the full story, but it is what it is and I've well and truly moved on from it.”

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