Bachelor’s Bella Varelis reveals tell-tale signs who wins Jimmy’s heart

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Bachelor star Bella Varelis has revealed who she thinks will end up winning Jimmy Nicholson’s heart, all thanks to the show’s ‘edit’.

Bella, who was runner-up in Locky Gilbert’s season last year and also previously dated Bachelor Jimmy, shared her many reasons as to why the winner is “obviously” Brooke Cleal.

bachelor runner up Bella Varelis.
Bella thinks she’s worked out who wins The Bachelor thanks to the show’s ‘edit’. Photo: Instagram/bellavarelis

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday night, the 26-year-old first detailed she wants front-runner Holly Kingston to win the dating show.

“I will be really disappointed in Jimmy if he doesn’t pick Holly because from what we can see in this episode, they’re not showing any signs of conflict and it’s a really positive, natural connection,” she said.

“It just kind of ebbs and flows between them which is really nice. So I hope he chooses Holly but God knows on this bloody television show, hey?”


However, after watching Jimmy’s date with Brooke later on in the episode, Bella decided that she was the clear winner.

Based on the edit, we now know that Brooke is the one who Jimmy ends up with,” she declared.

Before she even launched into her reasons, she captioned the video: “If I’m wrong, I’ll be shook”.

bachelor star Bella Varelis' Instagram stories.
Bella says that Brooke “obviously” ends up winning Jimmy’s heart. Photos: Instagram/bellavarelis

Bella said the first ‘key point’ was the soundtrack played over Jimmy and Brooke's second-last date.

“The music that’s used is all magical and twinkly and lovey-dovey,” she began. “Two: She’s the only one that Jimmy actually spoke about his feelings in response to how she feels. In the other girls, he just sat there… Or they cut out if he said anything to them in the edit.

“Third point: She got the most screen time out of all of them.”

Because of this information, the reality TV star came to the conclusion that Brooke “obviously” wins the season.

“Which I think is kinda cute because they do have a very strong connection, they have from the beginning,” she added.

“I do think he would’ve been really well-suited to Holly as well, but that’s alright. I’ll keep Holly for myself.”

Bachelor jimmy and his final two holly and brooke
While Bella believes the clues point to Brooke (right) winning the show, she thinks that Holly (left) would be “really well suited” to Jimmy. Photo: Channel Ten

Since this season of The Bachelor premiered, Holly immediately emerged as a frontrunner with her charm and clear chemistry with Jimmy.

After episode one, betting agency Sportsbet tipped her odds to win at $1.50, followed by Lily Price at $7 and current finalist Brooke Cleal at $10.

However, when Jimmy's sister Tahnee and cousin Lisa made a visit to the mansion, Jimmy shocked fans when he outrightly admitted that Brooke was his front-runner.

“If I was to name the order, it’s Brooke,” he said.

Although Brooke had to leave the show midway through due to the death of her grandfather, she stayed in contact with Jimmy while she was away and made her shock return shortly after.

The Bachelor finale airs 7:30pm Thursday night on Channel Ten.

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