Bachelor fans react to Jimmy’s front-runner confession: ‘Confused’

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Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor saw Jimmy do something no other Bachelor has ever done before the finale - outrightly admit who his favourite contestant is.

While chatting with his sister Tahnee and cousin Lisa, Jimmy seemingly broke all rules of the franchise and straight-up revealed that Brooke Cleal is his front-runner.

Bachelor's Brooke and Jimmy,
Jimmy and Brooke have already spent a single date together, as well as one-on-one time after a group date. Photo: Channel 10

The drama began when Jimmy’s family members crashed the mansion to host a dinner party in the hopes of getting to know each of the women.

After an explosive incident where Stephanie and Tatum brought Holly to tears when they claimed she was disingenuous, Tahnee and Lisa re-convened with Jimmy to share their opinions on this year’s contestants.


“For me, Brooke and Jay were the kind of clear front-runners,” Tahnee said.

“One of the ones that jumped out to us straight away was Holly,” Lisa added before Tahnee described her as a “rollercoaster”.

“I started off thinking, oh I reckon she could be a front-runner, but by the end, I’m just not sure,” she explained. “Other girls said they’ve really struggled with her and she can be really dismissive.”

Jimmy’s sister went on to say she didn’t think he and Holly would work out in the long run because they’re “too similar”.

“I think you guys would not be able to resolve conflict," she said.

Bachelor Jimmy and Holly.
Jimmy’s sister said she doesn’t think he and Holly would work out. Photo: Channel 10

The juicy part of the conversation occurred when the trio believed they weren’t being filmed, but the cameras kept rolling.

Jimmy said he was “glad” that his family members mentioned Brooke as a front-runner because he “really likes” her.

“If I was to name the order, it’s Brooke,” he added.

Bachelor Jimmy.
Jimmy admitted that Brooke was his front-runner. Photo: Channel 10

Fans were quick to share their reactions on social media to Jimmy’s shock confession, with many saying that they’re now “confused”.

“The fact that Jimmy just straight-up said at this point that it's Brooke surely means it's not Brooke, right?” one person asked.

“There’s no way they would have shown us that scene if Brooke was the actual winner,” another replied.

Host Osher Günsberg also weighed in, tweeting: “We have NEVER done this. Wow. They thought we had stopped rolling…”

Bachelor Jimmy chatting with his family members.
Jimmy’s admission came when he thought he wasn’t being filmed. Photo: Channel 10

Others suggested there was an ulterior motive to the producers showing the audience that clip, as it is rumoured Brooke will leave the show on Thursday night’s episode on her own accord.

“So it's clear Brooke is going home tomorrow, no other reason for showing him calling her the frontrunner,” someone wrote.

“Brooke's time in the mansion was initially cut short when she found out her grandfather died,” a fan claimed. “Producers gave her permission to go to Melbourne for the funeral. But she's coming back!”

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