Bachelor’s Irena explains why she’ll never be friends with Bella again

The Bachelor season 8 winner Irena Srbinovska has revealed the reason why she will never be friends with former BFF and runner-up Bella Varelis again.

Taking to her Instagram story, the 31-year-old admitted they haven’t had any contact since filming ended a year ago.

bachelor stars Irena and Bella.
Irena and Bella used to be close friends on The Bachelor but had a fight during filming. Photo: Channel 10

While Irena and Bella started off as close friends on the show, everything changed when they returned to the Bachelor mansion after shooting part of the season at home because of Covid.

The duo had a huge blow-up at their first cocktail party back, with Bella calling Irena a “manipulative little b***h”, and continued to have a tense relationship all the way to the end of the season.


After a fan asked Irena to share what really happened between her and Bella, she admitted she doesn’t know.

“Ultimately when you have two women falling for the same guy, it’s never going to end well,” she wrote on social media.

“Emotions got the best of us. If I could go back in time to change how our friendship fell apart, of course I would. I was hurt but I’ve moved on.”

The nurse went on to say she wishes Bella “nothing but happiness in the future”, but insists they will never speak again.

“We were all there for one reason, love. The odds are 1 out of 25 will win the heart of the Bachelor. I was that lucky one but I also walked away with the most amazing friends.”

Bachelor Irena's Instagram story about Bella.
Irena said that she will never speak about Bella again after this post on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/irena_srbinovska

Irena also shared with her Instagram followers that she and second runner-up Bec Cvilikas “never stopped being friends” and they have caught up since the show finished.

Her comments come after Bella, who was once best friends and roommates with Bec, confirmed earlier this month that they are no longer on speaking terms.

“Sometimes friendships grow apart, the same way relationships do,” Bella told The Wash. “Small details are irrelevant and unnecessary for it to be public information.”

former bachelor contestants Bella and Bec.
Former besties Bella and Bec recently ended their friendship. Photo: Instagram/bellavarelis

Irena and Locky share miscarriage heartbreak

It comes after Irena and Bachelor Locky opened up about their heartbreaking miscarriage and how they overcame their grief.

The couple, who have just celebrated one year since they fell in love on the Channel 10 dating series, revealed their time together post-show has been filled with “amazing highs and devastating lows”.

“During our first few months together I, unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage,” Irena told WHO.

“But Locky was my absolute rock and having his support made me love him even more.”

bachelor couple Irena and Locky.
Locky and Irena have had “amazing highs and devastating lows” in their year together. Photo: Instagram/irena_srbinovska

The publication reported that the devastating event may have been linked to the stress that the couple endured after the reality show ended.

As well as being separated from Locky due to the pandemic, Irena had to deal with ‘intense online bullying’ while her father also suffered a medical emergency.

“We are just normal people and while we put ourselves in the spotlight, you never know what is going on in our lives that day,” Locky said.

“If you have to say something, then direct it at me, not my girl.”

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