Bachelor’s Bella and Bec spark fan frenzy with ‘feud’ rumours

One of the strongest friendships to come out of the Bachelor franchise has officially come to an end, with Bella Varelis and Bec Cvilikas confirming that they’re no longer close.

Fans online believe they’ve worked out why the duo stopped being friends, after meeting on Locklan Gilbert’s season last year and moving in together after production wrapped.

Bec and Bella.
Bec and Bella met in the Bachelor mansion and lived together as housemates after the show. Photos: Instagram/becvilikas

Bec and Bella, who was the runner-up after Locky picked Irena Srbinovska, quickly became inseparable post-show and constantly shared photos together online.

Reports of a rift between the pair first emerged earlier this week when The Daily Telegraph alleged that they are currently “embroiled in a bitter feud”.

An insider told the publication that they unfollowed each other on Instagram after a disagreement a few months ago.


Since then, both reality TV contestants separately confirmed the rumours to gossip website The Wash.

“Sometimes friendships grow apart, the same way relationships do,” Bella said. “Small details are irrelevant and unnecessary for it to be public information.”

Bec was less subtle with her message, simply writing, “we’re just two different kinds of people”.

Bella and Bec.
Bella and Bec stopped liking each other’s Instagram posts in April. Photo: Instagram/bellavarelis

Bec’s last social media post with her former BFF is from April when they vacationed in the Gold Coast, whereas Bella hasn’t posted a photo of them together since January.

Fans online have tried piecing together why the twosome stopped being friends, with some saying it might have to do with Irena.

Bec currently follows Irena on Instagram, who Bella famously didn’t get along with on-screen.

Bella and Irena started out as close friends on the show until the 27-year-old called the future-winner a “manipulative little b***h”.

Irena, Locky and Bella.
Irena and Bella, who ended up being Locky’s final two girls, started off as close friends on the show. Photo: Channel 10

Other fans believe that Bella’s boyfriend Will Stokoe is the reason why they split, as the couple only went public with their relationship in February.

“One got a boyfriend and the other got the boot, end of story,” a follower wrote on Instagram below The Wash’s post.

“After being each other's plus-ones for a while, then Bella gets another plus-one,” someone else added.

“So not surprised, looks like a theme with Bella,” another shared. “First she was at war with Irena (her original bestie) and now Bec has been dumped, probably as soon as she got her boyfriend.”

A fourth commented: “Gosh I hope Bachelor in Paradise comes back and these two can go in amongst so many other great peeps.”

Bella with her boyfriend Will Stokoe.
Bella went Instagram official with her photographer boyfriend Will Stokoe earlier this year. Photo: Instagram/bellavarelis

In a post for 10 play back in September, Bec gushed about her friendship with Bella during and after the show.

“We hit it off really fast,” the 26-year-old explained, adding that they were roommates in the mansion.

“No one will fully understand what it’s like to go through this experience and to have someone who has been through it with you, you really get it.

“It’s been really nice to have Bella with me, we give each other support. It’s been like that the whole way through.”

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