Aussies reveal their best and worst local celebrity encounters: 'Rude and obnoxious'

"She was just absolutely awful to me and everyone else, and such a diva."

A Reddit user has kickstarted a huge discussion on people's experiences with Aussie celebs after asking the question: "People who have met Australian TV celebrities, what was your experience?"

The post, which has received over 1,100 comments since it was created on Monday, has revealed some of the nicest (and not-so-nice) Aussie stars, so let's take a look at who made the cut.

Chris Hemsworth

Nice Aussie celebs - Chris Hemsworth
Reddit users who have met Aussie celebs are revealing who they think are the nicest people, with many saying Chris Hemsworth is a lovely person. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

"Met Chris Hemsworth, super chilled laid back guy that doesn’t mind a chat talked for about 15-20mins about life and just random stuff good to know money hasn’t gone to his head even though he was the number one highest-paid actor a few years ago." - u/OFFRIMITS

"I read an interview with Chris H once that was prefaced with 'everyone wants to know if Chris is as nice in real life as he seems. The answer is no - he's actually 10 times nicer!' I knew someone who ran into him and Matt Damon on the beach once, just two regular guys having a surf." - u/Voodoo1970.

"Can confirm, he's super nice and easy to work with. Also is the definition of 'dance like no one is watching'. I've never seen anyone dance with such pure joy and lack of self-consciousness in my life. Only interacted with him during his Home and Away level fame so good to hear he's still the same." - u/Alarmed-Custard-6369.


Costa Georgiadis

"My favourite: Costa from the ABC. He came to the small town I was living in to build a frog pond at a kindergarten. Off camera, he had all the time in the world for the kids, and his boundless energy and enthusiasm was very contagious." - u/malaliu.

"Love Costa. Invited him to come to our uni campus because a friend and I were starting a community garden. He gave us some really good tips, and we had a great time taking photos (including of us in the garden bed, and them us hauling him across the lawn in a wheelbarrow). Then his phone was low on battery and he had to Zoom into the start of the Aussie Bird Count. Called my mum (who was working on campus) to lend him her battery pack and he was so thankful." - u/KittyKatWombat.

"Costa has the patience of the Saint and the heart of an angel... He's got a talent for making anyone he talks to feel like the most important thing in the world in that moment. Even talking to my kid, he was running late and dropped to a knee, and said how he was super sorry he couldn't hang out longer because of how cool my kid was, but that he had to go do boring grown-up things. He asked for a selfie with us too." - u/MrsBox.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is 'a genuinely lovely person'. Photo: Getty
Margot Robbie is 'a genuinely lovely person'. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

"Margot, when she just started Neighbours, she sat down and had a quick chat with us on Chapel St. Granted, that was a long time ago..." - u/No-Fan-888.

"Margot has and always will be a genuinely lovely person." - u/Ghouls_Gone_Wild.

Hugh Jackman

"I met Hugh Jackman very briefly when he was in Bowen filming scenes for Australia down at Bowen's front beach. He came over to our group of starstruck locals milling about in Santa Barbara Parade and very politely thanked us for allowing them to film in our town and for making them feel so welcome. While that may not seem a big deal, I was impressed that he took the time to personally come over, greet us and say thank you. He seemed a very well-mannered, polite and humble bloke." - u/nameyourpoison11.

"Hugh would have to be one of the nicest blokes going around." - u/No-Fan-888.

Shane Warne

"My dad built a pool for Shane Warne, and he said he was one of the nicest guys he’d worked for." - u/Hidden_Misc

"Agree, I was helping to cater a party at his house once but he had to leave for a charity thing. He helped us unload all of our things and apologised for leaving. He was really kind." - u/jaxsta18

"Shane Warne was tops. I'd met him once (bought him a beer at the pub) years before we were at a mutual friend's birthday BBQ (my mate was fairly close to the Australian team when Warne was playing, and they were good mates). He was introduced around the group when he showed up but kept looking at me and then blurted out, 'You bought me a beer at The Ed about ten years ago, right?' and, yep, that was me. Lovely fella. Obviously enjoyed spending time with my mate and his kids." - u/notfinch

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was described as a 'rad dude'. Photo: Getty
Steve Irwin was described as a 'rad dude'. Photo: Getty (FilmMagic)

"Met Steve Irwin when I was a kid, but he wasn't as famous back then. I was at the park he had before Australia Zoo, I was a dinosaur-obsessed 5 year old staring at an enclosure. Steve Irwin walked up and asked me if I liked Crocs and I said yes, so he jumped the fence with a rake and lured one over to the fence and got it to open its jaws for me. He was such a rad dude." - u/bearly_woke.

Ernie Dingo

"I used to live around the corner from Ernie, and his kid played football in the same team as mine. Lovely guy, I borrowed his tent for camping one time because I mentioned buying a new bigger one, and he wouldn’t let me until I tested it out first (he had the brand I was thinking about)." - u/BneBikeCommuter.

"Dude came to our high school (early-mid 90's) for some reason. Spent the time playing basketball with everyone and talking. Seemed like a rad dude." - u/Conan-doodle.

Jessica Mauboy

"Jess Mauboy. Met her in 2013 at a local shopping centre while she was promoting a new album, 'Beautiful'. She was super kind to my sister (who was a huge fan), and I, she also loved the signs we made for her. Such a genuinely nice human being." - u/Crochet-Ninja.

"Went to high school in Darwin with Jess. Honestly the nicest person back then too, we knew she was going to be something with all her talent and inner beauty." - u/Ghouls_Gone_Wild.

Shaynna Blaze

"Met Shaynna Blaze at an event once - most fun, genuinely friendly person to chat to." - u/PickledJellyfox.

Chris Lilley

"I met Chris Lilley at a pub one night. I was a really big fan of Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes and I told him as such. He was lovely, his friends were jerks though. He’s very shy as himself." - u/yelawolf89.

Charlotte Dawson

The late Australia's Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson was 'super kind, generous and lovely'. Photo: Getty
The late Australia's Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson was 'super kind, generous and lovely'. Photo: Getty (WireImage)

"Charlotte Dawson was a wonderful lady. Despite playing up a sort of mean persona on TV, she was super kind, generous and lovely." - u/spitey.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

"Did a bit of work experience at ABC Radio, and ended up working with Dr Karl. I always thought he was putting on a character, but he is 100% as energetic off-air as he is on-air. Super nice dude, called me doctor. 10/10." - u/Backspacr.

Sam and Snezana Wood

"I’ve met Sam and Snezana Wood (granted they’re not super famous) from The Bachelor as well and they’re both lovely. Sam actually spent about 10 minutes chatting to me about The Bachelor and his family after I mentioned I was a Bachelor fan." - u/Elleeebeauty.

Samuel Johnson

"I worked on an Aussie TV series and one day knocked over a crate full of wooden chocks used by the camera department. I scurried around embarrassed picking them all up and then noticed someone helping me. It was Samuel Johnson, who saw it happen and came over to help. Every bit the legend you'd think he is." - u/goodie23

And the not-so-nice...

"I met [redacted] about 15 years back and she was super rude. I wasn’t a fan or asking for her autograph, I met her through work (hospitality) but she was just absolutely awful to me and everyone else, and such a diva. Her partner at the time was that [redacted] guy from [redacted] and he was obviously embarrassed and really nice to everyone, but she treated him like crap too."

"A lot of people know [redacted]/have known her at some point and everyone says the same thing. She fits a certain stereotype and naturally she isn’t any different."


"My wife got seated next to [redacted] on a plane. In cattle class. Sat down, said Hi to both [redacted] and the other passenger. Went about her own business and settled in - [redacted] called the hostess over and demanded a seat change to have her privacy respected. The other random she said hi to didn’t seem overly bothered."

"Met [redacted] at a club in Melbourne, years ago. Rude and obnoxious, and I didn't approach. Got into a chat at the bar with someone in her group. Basically told me to f*** off for doing nothing more than making polite small talk with a stranger."

"Nervous to write this bc of her fans.. but I’ve met [redacted] a few times...she’s always on her phone filming everything, very attention seeking (in like a really damaging way), very much takes a lot and doesn’t give. I really wanted to love her too but yeah just felt invisible every time."

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