Star blasts Molly Meldrum after Elton John scandal: 'Sick of it'

Samuel Johnson did not hold back during a radio interview.

Actor Samuel Johnson has blasted Ian 'Molly' Meldrum live on-air following his controversial stunt at an Elton John concert.

The actor, who won a Gold Logie in 2017 for his portrayal of the star in the miniseries Molly, has hit out after the legendary presenter and music critic dropped his pants and mooned a crowd during Elton's recent concert in Melbourne.

Speaking to Jonesy & Amanda on WSFM Breakfast, Samuel criticised the star's actions and spoke out about the moment the 79-year-old crashed his 2017 Gold Logie acceptance speech.

Samuel Johnson gives a thumbs up while Molly Meldrum points at him.
Samuel Johnson has blasted Ian 'Molly' Meldrum for his latest scandal. Source: Getty

"Can I be honest? It's time for him to hang up his hat man," the actor said.

"There's a lot I haven't said and I'm trying really hard to be diplomatic but I've seen this same type of thing happen over and over again. Including him, when I told him not to, coming up onstage during my Gold Logie win and ruining my Carrie beanie moment, where I was going to try to raise a lot of money for cancer research, but getting up drunk as a skunk and babbling for eight minutes to finish the Logies that night.

"Not a word did we understand, not with the way he drinks. Hang up your hat old mate."

Raising money for cancer research has been an important focus for Samuel since he established the charity Love Your Sister in 2012 with his sister Connie before she died in 2017 after a long battle with the disease.

Speaking of the moment his speech was crashed on 4BC’s Afternoons With Sofie Formica on Monday, Samuel said the pair had conflicting ideas about what the acceptance speech should involve.


“A few years ago I won a Gold Logie for playing Molly. We weren’t getting along at that point, because for six months he’d told me who to thank, and he wasn’t even nominated for the Gold Logie. He’d wanted me to make it all about the network and thank the producers, and I wanted to make it all about cancer,” he revealed.

“We disagreed on that, and we didn’t speak the whole night.

“He took away my moment, and recently he took away Elton John’s moment too. I’m sick of him doing this; I’m sick of it.”

Molly explains Elton John controversy

On Monday, Molly apologised for dropping his pants at the Elton John concert and said the British singer did not know he would appear onstage.

“I feel terrible if any of the security people get in trouble. The whole thing was 100 per cent my idea – no one else knew what I was doing. Elton might have been singing The Bitch Is Back but it was more a case of The Idiot is Back,” he told the Herald Sun.

“I shouldn’t have crashed Elton’s show. As for my performance being more revealing than it should have been … well, at the start of the night, my belt buckle broke and my pants were already falling down. And on stage, one thing led to another."

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